Main Tent Opening Day

The main event in Quartzite opened today.  What a crowd.  Shoulder to shoulder people.  Everything you can imagine is here.  You can get burned out real easily here if you try to take it in all in one day.

After we wandered for a good portion of the day, we went back to our rv for lunch and some rest.  At least I thought we’d rest.  Nope.  David thought he’d hook up the new reverse osmosis (RO) system that he installed to the refrigerator water/ice maker.  Good idea.  We only had it hooked up to the separate water faucet in the kitchen sink.  Now we can have chilled RO water whenever we want.  A lot of rver’s get into RO water because the water supply around the country is so different.  Down here in the south, it’s full of minerals and such.  So much that it’s not really something you should drink directly.  In fact, David took a water purity testing kit to the water here and it tested not fit for human consumption.  There’s actually water filling stations all over the south down here that you can take your own giant water tubs and fill them.  We were not only worried about our health in drinking the water, but Tasha too.  There’s only so much bottled water one can carry around in an rv.  So this solves that problem.

Another day tomorrow of more vendors and shopping.  Oh darn.  Then we really have to figure out where we are going after Quartzite.  We are planning on leaving Monday, but we don’t have any idea were too yet.  It’ll be interesting, I’m sure, where ever we end up.

Reverse Osmosis System Under Sink

This Is Where I Send David When I’m Mad At Him. Kidding. David is Running Water Line For RO System to Refridgerator.

Tasha Has This Supervising Thing Done Pat. She’s Watching David Run the Water Line.