Based on one of our Live Drive videos where we mentioned them, we received a lot of emails asking us about our driving glasses. Yes, driving glasses. Nighttime and daytime glasses made for driving. Driving glasses are specially made to cut out the blue light which is the most harsh when it comes to visibility and impairing your vision. As such, using yellow, polarized glasses at night can greatly help improve your vision. They are also very helpful in inclement weather such as fog and rain. Along the same line, using a copper polarized lens in the daytime will also cut the blue light and lowers the brightness.

The glasses we use are made by Blupond which we found on Amazon. After testing many different sets, we felt worked well for our needs at a price where we would not care of something happened to them. (Hummm…David is hard on sun glasses.)  But even at such a low price, the lenses were clear and the comfort worked well.  We actually keep two pair of both the day and night drivers in the coach and Jeep.

You can find them here…

Blupond Night & Day Driving Glasses (Combo):

Of course we did a Quick Tip video about them for based on the number of e-mails, we felt we needed to.