First Alert Atom Micro

First Alert Atom Micro

Ok, we all know to make sure our batteries are up to date and working in our smoke detectors. If you do not know, you should replace the batteries once a year regardless if low or not. After all, you do not want a dead smoke detector or you just may end up, well, dead.

And let’s face it, how many detectors are in your motor home? I bet just one. Why is that for it surely is not cost related? I would think you would want one in front and back areas of the RV. Side Note…I find it strange that most are in the FRONT of a motor coach where nothing really is located that would make for a fire. Hummmm?

But have you ever considered adding a detector in the cargo storage area? Think about it for a minute, what’s down there? Well you have the electrical systems, fuel sources such as diesel or propane if you have an AquaHot. (Which is a running boiler – in the cargo area of the coach!) You may even have cleaning chemicals that could come in contact with each other and make for an issue. Ok, that last one is a long shot, but all the others are surely areas fire could take place with electrical being the biggest threat. It other words, it can happen and wouldn’t you want to know sooner rather than later? I know we surely would want the extra time gained to get loved ones out of the coach that a smoke detector in the cargo area could provide. After all, you will have no clue until your factory installed one goes off or you finally smell it inside the cabin of the RV.

I installed First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm’s.  As the name suggests, it is small. Very small. Which makes it great for RV use! I added one in the rear of our coach, one in the bedroom, and two in the cargo storage areas, at the front area and mid area by the AquaHot. They are so small I placed them on top of the main rails with double sided tape. To test to see if it would work, I did not tell Brenda and I set one off. Let’s just say it worked as she was napping and it totally freaked her out. (We will not get into what happened after that.)

First Alert TalkingThe  First Alert Atom alarms were the ones I just used when the idea came to me when I was walking through Lowes and had seen them. But surely you can use any alarm you would like. An even better idea would be using “linked” alarms as it could then also set off an alarm inside the coach at the same time as the detectors are linked wirelessly.  The First Alert SA511CN2-3ST (which talks) or the Kidde RM-FM-DC are such detectors. I will be upgrading to the First Alert SA511CN2-3ST. One in the cargo area and one in the center of the coach.

In any case, if you had not thought of your cargo area, you now have and I hope it makes as much sense to you as it did us. You can find a two pack here on Amazon.

I did a video quick tip. Here you go. Also here is our post on a Foam Fire Extinguisher.