Oh come on!  Give us a break will ya mother nature!  I just do not get it, rain, rain, rain.  I know it is that time of year, but we have had, I think, 3 days without rain from the time we left.

Today is Wednesday and our coach is finished with the general service we stopped in Gaffney for as they were able to take us in yesterday.   But we are waiting for Tashas new knee brace and also for a replacement TruCenter unit for the coach. (It helps with steering. The one we had went bad on the way down here and BluOx, the manufacturer, sent a new one in to arrive this morning.   Once that is done, will only take a few mins to put on, we will consider heading out.  But if the rain gets worse, we will just hang out.

So, just wanted to give you a quick up date.  Nothing to see, just rain.  No adventures, just being board.