Seeing we are asked over and over again what we have done to the coach and what products would we suggest. Here is a list of products we have used that we feel may also improve your experience. Links are also provided with the product name. We will continue to add to this page as it is a work in progress.

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Some products we may no longer currently use for one reason or another. (Like us buying a coach and thus something may no longer be needed.) However we still found it to be a product worth mentioning so it is here.) We have noted if we are still using it on our new Allegro Bus.

Note: We have not been paid to endorse any product. All products where purchased by us.

However: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Amazon Prime, and RV’ers Best Friend. We recommend AMAZON.COM for your buying needs and it is great for RV’ers with free 2 day delivery if you are a Prime member. Thus if you are stopped somewhere for a few days and need something, you are sure to be able to receive it. If you are not using AMAZON PRIME, you need to as an RV’er. So no reason not to try a 30 Day Prime Free Trial Here.

The product names below are links to the product. If it happens to be on Amazon and you purchase it, we do earn a sales commission. (They offer it, so why not?) 



BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses – First and foremost, you can’t drive if you can’t see. So if you drive at night, get yourself a pair of nighttime driving glasses. No I’m not kidding. The BluPond are the glasses that we use when we drive as they are inexpensive and do a wonderful job. They help at it nighttime by removing blue light spectrum thus making things sharp and clear. These glasses are also used during inclement weather such as rain or fog. Here is me talking about them during one of our Live Drive streams. Click Here for Video


Garmin RV 890 RV GPS – Can the new Garmin 890 RV GPS be “THE GPS” for your travel needs?  We were able to get a hold of one from Gamin so we could review it and bring you our thoughts on it. The simple answer is, if you are looking for a new GPS for your RV, then you should look no further than the Garmin RV 890 RV.


ScanGaugeD – Not only will it alert you to error codes, it gives you more useable data than most motorhome dashboards. You can set different gauges to monitor in real time that may not be available on your dashboard.  It plugs right in under the dash to the engines data port with no tools needed. It’s has also a really nice trip computer also for MPG etc.


SuperSteer MOTION CONTROL UNITS – This has to be hands down one of the best finds we have made for ride comfort. Some call it the “Wal-Mart Wobble” — the huge sway when your motor- home enters or leaves a parking lot. This Motion Control Unit instantly counteracts roll, sway & side-whip of your coach. (Used on our 2008 Tour Master coach.)


SAFE-T-PLUS – Steering control. We replaced the above TruCenter with just the standard Safe-T-Plus unit for our coach.This again helps with driver fatigue and also helps in a number of ways with the steering of the coach. From wind sheer, pot holes, and passing semi’s to the all important tire blow out.This unit will help with all of them. (Used on our 2008 Tour Master coach.)


SuperSteer TRIM UNIT – If you added a Safe-T-Plus above, you would want to consider a Trim Unit for it.The reason… is is used to allow you to correct the center line of the coach.How many times have you had heavy winds or a bad crown in the road? When this happens you need to always hold the steering wheel to the right or the left to keep your straight. This over time tires you out.With the Trim Unit you can push a button and the unit holds that as the new center line.More or less it resets your alignment (Not really messing with your actual alignment but holds the tie rod into a different position). This equals to less fatigue and a more comfortable drive.See it in action with me driving our couch in 20 mph side winds CLICK HERE(Used on our 2008 Tour Master coach.)


DashCam – BlackVue 650S 2CH  – Driving a coach and seeing the road and other drivers from a new perspective bring a whole new thought to how bad some people drive.As such, we record all our driving with a BlackVue BlackBox for if or when something may happen. It is a small device that records HiDef 1080P video and audio and includes GPS information such as location and speed as well a shock sensors.It records all the time as you are driving in one minute video files and deletes the oldest one first when it runs out of space. When parked, it will also record when it sees motion so  then you may have an image of someone or something if anything happens while you are away. Also we use the rear camera inside the coach pointed at the front door, mounted on the driver side under the front cabinets, so anyone that comes in is also recorded. (Used in our Allegro Bus and tow car.)


SMI Air Force One TOW VEHICLE BRAKING SYSTEM – Ok, if you tow a vehicle, you need a breaking system for it. I will tell you right now, look no further.I have tired the robotic system that you need to connect and then remove and went though three of them with 1) Failure, 2) Not being able to help brake enough, and 3) got tired of putting it in and taking it out. I then started to research systems that are installed into the car that just required you to hook into the coach like you would any other cable.The SMI system by far is the best thing out their in my humble opinion.It is just outstanding and you can feel the difference from the first time you step on the brakes. (Used on our Allegro Bus and tow car.)


eezTire RV TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM – If you drive a coach and tow a car or trailer, you will want to look into a tire press monitoring system. Let me put it to you this way, 32,000 lbs coach, pulling a 4600 lbs SUV. The SUV blows a rear tire…will you know it? Nope, you will more than likely never feel it as the mass of the coach and the power of it more or less would mask any resistance you would feel. But besides that, I really would want to know if I was losing air due to a nail or something while driving or even before I pulled out. And thus the tire pressure monitor system comes into play. (Used on our Allegro Bus and tow car.)

 And you know what…It worked so well on our first trip with it as I was actually able to see that my front driver side tire of my Saturn Outlook was running hot. When I stopped I used my IR Heat Reader and took a reading to be sure it was not the sensor sending a bad reading. Sure enough, the tire was 14 degrees hotter than the other tires. I looked at the brakes and sure enough, they were thinner than the others and more brake dust was on the rim. This is a sign that the caliper was not releasing all the way after the brakes were applied. So, it will be going in next week for service and the TPMS may have just saved us from a future braking issue. Note though, even though it was not OVER HOT etc to make an alarm sound on the monitor, the system did allow me to see an issue that the brakes were making based on the the increased temperature reading. Other systems do not allow for this. The eezTire does as it nicely scrolls though tire by tire every 5 seconds giving you pressure and temp readings. (I also tried the TireTraker/Hawkshead and it failed to deliver continued proper results. I am replacing an much older PressurePro as it lacks features such as rapid air loss and live display.‎) Here is a video I did on the system…EezTire TPMS


 or Communication

weBoost Drive 4G-X RV – This is an updated version of the popular 4G-X OTR with RV’s in mind. It has a lower profile roof antenna and also a more powerful indoor desk antenna. (vs a think plate antenna.) The weBoost Drive (used to be called Wilson Sleek but Wilson actually changed their name) is a full system and the most powerful one you can purchase for mobile use. To see my full review on the product —> CLICK HERE

weBoost Sleek 4G Car Booster – Ok, this one is a must for RV’er that has a tow car. The weBoost Sleek is a simple cradle with a in-line booster in it. When you put your phone, hotspot, or MiFi in the cradle it boosts the cell single and thus also your data connection. It is an all in one system that is easy to install with Antenna Cradle, Inline Amp, and External magnet antenna. Here is the blog post and video I did on it. Click Here

ROGUE WAVE EXTERNAL WIFI Receiver– Ever been to an RV park and they offer WiFi but you are just out of range or just do not have a good enough signal? Sure you have. What if I told you their was a system that you could mount outside that has a 9db marine antenna and then connect that, via cat5 or cat6 network cable to an inside router that would greatly boost your range? (You would say ‘tell me more’.) The RogueWave, which I have been using for years, is simple to install and use. (The hardest part may be getting a network cable into your RV.) You can even hook the other end of the network cable into your computer and use it directly if you do not have a wifi router. The power run over the network cable so you only need that cable to the roof. Or you could mount it inside to a window like the windshield. If you do not have a router, they offer them as a package for only $25 more. (See our post on RV Internet and RV Wi-Fi for more details.) (NOTE: You can also BUILD YOUR OWN with our tutorial for under $100.(Used on our Allegro Bus.)

WINEGARD HDTV SATELLITE DISH – When you want to use satellite for your TV viewing, you must consider the Winegard Traveler, Playmaker, or other DISH systems series of dishes they have. Be it Dish Network or DirecTV, they have an automated dish that fits this need. When we arrive at a stopping point, once we level, the turn the unit on and it goes to work deploying the dish. It automatically finds and locks on to the satellites needed based on the provider you choose to use. It usually does this within 5 minutes. If using Dish Network, all three satellites needed are locked on and if using DirecTV, all five are. It really is a quick and easy system that has been very reliable. Oh, when it is time to move on, one more press the power button and it stows the dish for travel. It’s really is that easy. (Used on our Allegro Bus.)

Side Note…We prefer DISH NETWORK and they also have a RV’er program for pay as you go and a support team that is dedicated to RV’ers. They are also the only one you can use if you want Hi-Def from your dome sat dish. See our post on RV Satellite, Making the Right Choice for more info and a video chat. Note that we use the Winegard Trav’ler DISH so we can use a Hopper 3.

Mail Forwarding – St. Brendan’s Isle – If you travel a lot at one time or are looking to full time, then you surely will need a mail forwarding service. We have been using St. Brendan’s Isle from 2008 and love their service. We use their Mail Scan Pro service where we can actually see a scan of the envelope of the mail that has come in. If we think we need it see what’s inside, that option is just a click away and you will then find a PDF file waiting for you the next day. Then when you are somewhere you can wait to receive a shipment of your mail, you just set up that shipment right on-line also and it is all handled for you. All in all, can not recommend them enough. We use our address with them as our legal address in Florida. If you use them, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW we referenced you.


PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMS-HW50C – When it comes to power, you need protection! Trust us, when you come across a RV park that has substandard power, you are putting yourself, and your coach, at risk. From brown outs to high voltage, you need protection. That does not even take into account though a post that may have been wired wrong or if a neutral was dropped or even crossed. Even spikes can and does make for issues! You need protection. Don’t have any, GET SOME! Be it the hardwired unit we installed or an external one, this can be one of the best safeguard investments you make. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)

HUGHES AUTOFORMER RV220-50 – Ok, picture this…Hot, hot day. Everyone is running their A/C units. As a result, the power output of the shore power from the poll drop to 103 volts. (should be 120v) What happens? You A/C and anything else with a motor draws more amps and also strains under the load trying to keep up. Thus in turn ages the motors more quickly and failure is more likely. Enter the Hughes Autoformer. In a nut shell, it will boost the voltage as needed based on what it seems coming in from the post. It will do so in 5%, 10%, and 15% intervals based on how low the voltage may be and more importantly, the demand needed. You can actually run more than you normally would be able to. It is more or less like carrying your our transformer for more stable power. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)

SMART LIGHT 1000 – Not something someone things about often, but the outside night time light is one of the most used devices on any RV or motor coach. We came across the Smart light by Star Lights Inc back in June of 2008 at a rally. What makes this light different is that it has a motion detector built in. Yes, just like at home where you may use a motion detection light for the driveway, some idea here for the RV. And it is “smart” as it knows if it is day or night out and thus you can leave it on all the time and it will only turn on at night when motion is detected. (Remember to turn off when driving at night.) It also has a bright LED on it that flashes that not only tells you the status of the unit, but can act as a deterrent as it looks like a flashing LED security alarm warning like on the dash of a car. So someone who does not know what the light is, may think it is the notice for a security system. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)


Dash Mat Dashboard Cover – When you want to actually be able to use your dashboard, then you NEED a dash mat. Then you can put things on it and thing will not slide all over the place when you are driving!!! Just trust us on this one. ShadePro has patterns for MANY RV’s. Here is the blog post and video we did on it. PLEASE LET THEM KNOW we referenced you!  Click Here

12v CEILING FAN – We added a 12v ceiling fan in the bedroom. They are low profile so they the bedroom slide does not have an issue coming in an out. But be sure to check how much room you have. Seeing it is 12v, you can usually find a wire in the wall for the lighting and tap into that. It really helps keep the bedroom cool even without using the A/C. The link provided is a Google search link as there are different ones and different people selling them.

Best Vacuum – Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal – We are not kidding. When it comes to vacuums this one really sucks for Rv’ers (In a good way.). So much so we needed to do an entire post about it. So rather than write about it here…Just Click Here To Read the Post

Govee Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Monitor – Came across the Govee Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Monitor that works on Wi-Fi. So if you have internet access via Wi-Fi, this little monitor can send a “push” message to your phone to alert you to temperature and humidity changes. See our Blog Post and Video on it — > CLICK HERE



“On The GO” WATER SOFTENER – If you travel around the country, you surely know how you can run into water issues. If you have been to say Yuma, you surely know how bad the water is. One of the things that we find is a must is a water softener. This will remove a lot of the hard minerals out of the water. You know the white scale buildup you may find in your shower, on the shower head and even on the walls? Yup, hard water! So adding one of these will make not only less work for cleaning, but you showers will feel so much nicer. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)

Simple Chuck SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM – Ok, this has to be one of our most loved additions…Spotless rinse water when washing the motorhome! So much so we even did a blog post on it that you can see here complete with video. CLICK HERE. But if you do not want to take the time to read that, then just take our word for it. It will cut your washing time at least in half as you do not need to dry the coach. This also means less “spider web” looking micro scratches as you will not be pushing on it to dry it. Here is also a blog post on the Simple Chuck which is the newer system — CLICK HERE.

NATURE PURE QC2 – A water purifier is different than an water RO system, listed below, as it’s intent is to filer out the “bad things” in the water to produce pure drinking water. We have run a RO system for many years in our coach, and now have moved to a water purifier by General Ecology Systems for a few reasons. It handles viruses and bacteria, it does not remove the minerals our bodies do need, it does not waist any water to operate, and it is very small and easy to setup and use. It is used my the US armed forces around the word and even all major airlines. You can order it direct from the manufacturer linked above. (Complete with water faucet in a kit if needed.) Please Note…This is MUCH DIFFERENT than the water filter that your RV may come with that is just a sediment filter and carbon block. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)

WATER SEDIMENT FILTER and CARBON FILTER – We also added to the coach a water sediment filter and carbon filter. These are located after the water softener and before the water enters the coach. (Water path…water tap, softener, sediment filter, carbon filter, enter coach.) This provides filtering of the water coach wide for cooking, cleaning, and showers. Again, this is something that is a really good idea as you never know what you may run into water wise. (Used in our Allegro Bus.)



Engine Fire Suppression System – Engine fires can and do happen which is why we installed a foam engine fire suppression system in our engine compartment. This system automatically deploys foam to put out an engine fire. The same foam used for airplane fires for example.  When the engine area hits 286 degrees, it goes off! See our install blog post HERE.   PLEASE LET THEM KNOW we referenced you! 

Waste Master Hose System: After being stung to many times by bad hoses, I was fearful of the price as I hated to spend more only to have more expensive issues. Also, it was different. And by that, I mean that it does not use the bayonet locks that are on almost all RV’s, it uses a CAM lock system. Which I SO LIKE! With the new industrial CAM fitting it uses a hose that seems to really be something that would take a lot, and I mean A LOT, to hurt. Also when you have it in place where you want it…It says in place. It will not uncoil like the gray hose did. See full blog post here.

Drain Master Electric Dump Valves: Drain Master Valves are fast-motion, high-torque, and easy-to-use 3″ 12 V-DC sealing valves that attach to your gray water and black water holding tanks. Then, with the simple push of a button, these valves quickly open and close, emptying your waste tanks. What can I say other than we will never have another coach without them! Click her to read our blog post.  PLEASE LET THEM KNOW we referenced you! 

RV Foam Fire Extinguisher – A great fire extinguisher to have in a motor home is one that is foam based. The foam will handle wood, grease and a bunch of other types of fires. It cannot compact down to into a hard, unusable mass like the powdered ones. And they don’t have to be expensive. We did some research and now we personally use this foam extinguisher on Amazon two pack, even with Prime shipping no less! It is recommended that you have several of these throughout your coach for easy access. What would happen if you were in your back bedroom and a fire started in the kitchen? It would be dangerous and cost precious time to run all the way up front to grab that one fire extinguisher by the door that might not even work. So please make sure you have one in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else you feel one may become of use. These are so cheap (and small) that it’s easy to buy multiples and place them all over.Don’t forget the outside compartments and your car as well. (See our write up and demo video HERE.) (Used in our Allegro Bus.)

Bugs N’ All Bug Remover – What can I say other than BUY THIS STUFF and make you job SO MUCH easier! After our 14 hour drive in our Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhome we had a quite the mess.  So much so that I did not want to clean it as I know it would take at least 45 mins of hard work.  So I came to amazon as I knew that there had to be something to help, Sure enough I found Bugs N All and ordered it along with a Microfiber Mesh Bugs and Tar sponge. Oh am I ever so happy I did.  I was so impressed I had to make blog post on it complete with video.  CLICK HERE

Window Awnings by ShadePro – If you have been considering to purchase or not purchase window awning for your RV, the simple answer should be YES. Window awning not only look nice on your coach, but they help A LOT with the heat! And I mean a lot! How does a 30 degrees difference on the window surface sound? In my simple test with a surface temperature meter, I found a 30 degree difference on a 93 degree day from a window that had an awning, to one that did not. Please see the following blog entry for the video… VIEW VIDEO HERE(Used on our 2008 Tour Master coach.)  PLEASE LET THEM KNOW we referenced you! 

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment –  Not only is Happy Camper the most effective odor neutralizer, it is also the most cost effective product on the market. Happy Camper’s highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend eliminates odor without covering it up with perfume like many of the chemical deodorant treatments. Happy Camper works most like an enzyme or bioactive treatment but is not affected by residuals (previous tank treatment chemicals) and unlike enzyme treatments you do not need to regularly add more treatment.