Reflecting on Quartzite.

Days filled with endless walking looking at vendors ware.  Coming back to the rig to relax.  Having cocktails and dinner with friends.  Dust and dirt everywhere!  Remembering we are in the desert after all.  Sunshine and 70 degree days.  Sunsets over the mountains.  Cool nights bundled under the blankets.  Huddled around a portable campfire watching movies under the stars.

This was our Quartzite adventure.  It was definitely more fun with friends.  New and old.  We will miss them as we all venture off in different directions.

Raising our glasses in one last toast.  Hugs and info exchanged.  We shall cross paths again.  This I am sure.

Never know what you’re going to find. David scouring the tables at a vendor booth in Quartzite, AZ.

Bob & Pat

David, Paul & Judy

Bob & Trish

Bob, David & Bob working on setting up for movie night

Movie Night

Sun setting over rv’s