RV’ers Rush To Help With RV Fire
RV’ers Rush To Help With RV Fire
On Thursday November 5th, 2015, RV’ers came together and fought an RV motor home fire in hopes to rescue a trapped dog. This 16 minutes of realtime footage was caught by our dash camera (BlackVue DR650GW-2CH). I digitally edited the footage without touching the timeline and added narration as the events unfolded.

It is totally amazing to say the least how things can change and “life happens”. One minute you are chatting with a friend you have not seen in some time, and the next you are side by side fighting an RV fire along with two other RV’ers.

The RV owner was not home at the time and we knew a dog was inside.

What totally amazed us was, as you will see, all of this time passed and yet, somehow, someway, we saved that dog even though it did not seem likely. We keep asking ourselves, how? How did he make it? With the heat, the toxic smoke, and the large amount of time, one would surely have thought the worst. And we did. But alas it goes to show you…DO NOT GIVE UP. Have Hope!

This fire is believed to have been caused by a Norcold fridge that had a recall per the fire inspector. To us, in our humble opinion, that surely seemed to be the case. The RV was a total loss and the owner was a full timer. This would be Brenda’s and my second RV fire we fought within the last 4 years.

Three chemical extinguishers and three foam extinguishers along with two garden hoses were used to knock down the fire and keep it at bay until the fire department arrived.

Good Samaritans RV’ers: David & Brenda Bott, Jim Andrews, John (man in red) and Unknown “Man on Roof”. Unseen is John’s wife Jone who brought over water at the end for the dog “Zoey” and to poor over my head to get the glass off of it as well as help flush my eyes.

We love the RV community that comes with this lifestyle this is an perfect example as to why RV’ers are great people that come together to help someone, or something, in need.


Enough…Let the video, along with me, speak for itself… (Available in 1080P HD using the settings.)

BTW: If you have such a NORCOLD Fridge…you may care to check with this company for a product that just may protect you… https://www.arprv.com/