RV Satellite

RV Satellite

“Okay, okay, I’ll make a video!”…is what I said to one RV owner who came up to talk to me about satellite TV in the RV. You see, we talked for about an hour and at the end, he just kept saying “you need to make a video on your blog about this.”  He would not let it go until I said “Okay.”  So not wanting to break a promise, I made the video and I hope this may help others make a choice.

In this short five minute video I talk about the two providers in the USA and also about the types of RV satellite dishes. I even get into the ever important reception, no pun intended, of NFL Football coverage.

What really gets me though is why the RV industry seems to always include a DirecTV satellite receiver in the coach that comes with a dome.  This makes no sense at all seeing that everything else in the coach is setup for HiDef (HDTV).  What do I mean?  Simple…No dome RV satellite dishes can receive HDTV from DirecTV!!! It is only able to receive standard definition from the dome based on DirecTV using the KA band for all HDTV broadcasts. (Domes use KU band LNB antennas.)  Only Dish Network is able to be received in HDTV from a dome as they broadcast everything in the KU band.  My only thought is that they get a kickback for each receiver activated. But that is so wrong as it really seems to confuse people and by the time they find this out it’s too late and they are locked into a contract.
:End Rant:

So, do not stand for it, get full HDTV and make the clear choice of Dish Network when using a dome. (Get it? “Clear choice”, because the image is clearer in HD. I crack myself up sometimes)
(And no, this is not a paid endorsement.)

All in all, here is the video I did in regards to “RV Satellite TV and Making a Choice”.

(Please do not attack the messenger as we all have out likes and dislikes.)