Ok, I can admit when I was wrong and this time, well, I was wrong. :)  

I am often asked on my opinion on the use of “RV Tire Covers” for UV protection from the sun. I would say that tires were built to be outside.  But I also did not think about the fact that they were also made to be used!  That was my mistake, the not using them part and why you should use a tire cover to protect them if you are sitting still for longer periods of time. It has to do with the distribution of something called “Paraffin”.

So, here is a Quick Tip video on my new take, thoughts, on RV Tire Covers for UV Protection and the really nice ones I came across that got me past the “ugly look” of them.

Company: Magne Shade
Product: Tire Shade  (If you order a set, tell them we said Hi!)
URL: https://magneshade.com