Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

You read the title right…RV Windshield Repair for $10.00! (Prices vary) No, I am not kidding and it is not all that hard. In fact with the Rain-X Windshield Rain Kit that you can get from Amazon, you will be prepared to stop a rock chip and small spider crack from spreading to the point the windshield needs to be replaced. 

Not a lot of people seem to know about these kits. In fact when I was making the below video, we had 4 people stop and ask what I was doing. When I told them, each of them replied they did not know such a thing was available.

Sure you can call a windshield repair guy to come take care of it. But what if you are not in a area that they will be able to get to you any time soon. You run the chance of that currently small rock hit becoming a full size windshield crack that now requires the windshield to be replaced.

It happened to us. We had a rock hit and called to get it repaired. They could not get to us that day and by the next morning due to the cold, we work up to that rock hit now being a full size crack. We then needed the entire windshield replaced. See blog post here.

So having a chip repair kit on-board could make all the difference and it really is not all that hard to use. However, there is one thing you really need to know. Once you use the kit, if it does not turn out well, a chip repair guy can not then come in and fix it. This is because the resin that is used would now be blocking the path for his resin to get into the crack. I will say however, I have personally repaired this current windshield four times now and a one other time it was done by a professional. All four of my repairs actually came out better then his. (Maybe I am just lucky.)

Chip that turned into full crack.

So, without going on and on, we made a video talking about the kit and showing an actual repair we did on our windshield. The things we do for our readers. It was quite hard chipping the glass just right in order to make the video for you. (Kidding!!!!!!)

Crack Before

Crack After!

Kit Used Click Here:Rain-X Windshield Rain Kit