On this Patriots Day we remember that traveling in a motor coach and living on the road can be very rewarding and is a freedom we have. We are also honored to say, that traveling on the road has now meant more to us than we had every thought. And by that we mean, being able to help others. And not just other RV’ers via this blog or that we have met in person and offered assistance. Or even RV manufacturers, product developers, or RV Parks and resorts. But in this case, helping people you usually do not meet on the road…Our Wounded Warrior Veterans.

With all the social media a buzz with other worthwhile causes, we wanted to report in on our efforts as we have been working with Segs4Vets Foundation from 2008 when we first started traveling in a motor coach. Here was our last post on the foundation…Honoring our Wounded Warriors.

Segs4Vets States…

A Wounded Warrior Learning To Use The Segway

A Wounded Warrior Learning To Use The Segway

“Our focus is that when our severely injured return from Iraq and Afghanistan, they rise again, choosing the path of independence rather than dependence, once again becoming productive members of society, productive members of their family and continue to serve our nation.

The impact of the program resonates well beyond just the recipients; it extends to their wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers and other family members whose lives have been turned upside down. For many, the Segway has had such a psychological impact on our recipients that it has brought about a dramatic positive change in family dynamics.

The Segs4Vets program provides successful candidates with a universally designed mobility device which does not draw attention to their disability. The Segway is a tool that is solving many of the mobility issues facing our disabled veterans, in a manner which is psychologically uplifting and physically beneficial and rekindling in our recipients the desire and motivation to continue to serve their families, their nation and their fellow man”

At this time we are pleased and proud to announce, through various efforts, that we have helped to raise over, not $1,000, not $10,000, not even $50,000. But now over $75,000.00 to date!

From money raised from other RV’ers that we have met along the way as we travel, to the auctions we have held through our own companies, to even fund raising efforts on our on-line community forums, it is the people that have come together to help make life better for many of our wounded warriors.

So to those of you, thank you. Thank you for making us smile and seeing yet another good side about being on the road in a RV. For being able to see the good of others that you meet along the way that you happen to mention it to, that later, unknown to you, make a donation and reference us because of that connection that was made on the road.

And to those RV Parks or RV’ers that insisted they give us something for the help we gave them, that money went right to the foundation. We told you we did not want anything for helping you and leaving it on our doorstep, while nice, was not needed. It was needed however for the veterans. (But we will confess, we ate the donuts and muffins.) So for now on, we will just reference that right off when you try to pay us for something we did not want to be paid for. Helping others is one of the reasons we hit the road after all.

Brenda and I would like to thank all that have not only been there for us in helping to make this possible, but of course to all the volunteers of the foundation who also receive no paycheck, yet give their time freely to make life better for our wounded veterans.

About Segs4Vets….

Segs4Vets, is an organization comprised of volunteers from across the United States, serving without compensation, which are committed to making a difference, and is certified as one of America’s Best Charities. They do not engage outside firms to solicit donations, or conduct direct mail campaigns. As such, we do what we can to spread the word.

The cost for each Segs4Vets award through 2014 is expected to average $9,750. Your contribution is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. As a 501 (c) (3) charity, financial contributions to Segs4Vets are tax deductible under the IRS code. The Federal Tax I.D. 55-0877645

So look, if you like the help we have given you. If you ever wanted to do something for us…Don’t! Instead, please make a donation Segs4Vets as it is a great cause you really do not hear about.

Here is a donation link if you so choose to use it… DONATION PAGE
(Please use us as a reference as we like to see how much our efforts have helped.)

Here is a video that shows Segs4Vets in action…

And this is the video we did for Segs4Vets of the Alamo Presentation…

Please, Please be so kind to share this post so we can continue the support.