(Brenda here) Well, we were supposed to be on the road today. Enjoying our new home on wheels. Instead, we find ourselves right back at the same place we started…the dealership. When we flew into Jacksonville, FL yesterday to pick up the RV it wasn’t even close to being completed. When I say completed, I mean the pick list we had given them two weeks to work on wasn’t even 30% done! Boy were we not happy. You can just see the smoke coming out of David’s ears. Nice bunch of people here. You just need to light some fires under some people to get them to move. Maybe that’s just the New Yorker in me talking.

We were hoping to be on the road by 3pm yesterday, however we didn’t even leave the dealership until after 7pm. Then it was supposed to be a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some essentials. Let’s just say that quick trip turned into a few hours. Leaving in the dark now, driving for the first time, after a wrong turn down a residential street, we finally made it to the campground by around 10:30pm! Technically, it was only a couple of miles away. But in the dark, in an unfamiliar town, it doesn’t matter. Oh..but we’re not done there.

We still had to hook up our electric and water. That was the easiest part of the whole day! Then it was inside to make the bed, set some things up and don’t forget about checking the ever essential email. Once we settled down to get a few hours of sleep it was 12:45am. The dealership was opening at 8am so we were up bright and early to great them with our smiling faces.

So, our first night in our new home took some getting use to. Leveling jacks would work better if we had a level to see if we were actually level. However, when things start rolling, I’d say we can improve, with time and practice, in that area.

We really need a feather bed to go over this mattress. Oh, a Coffee machine!!! How is it that Walmart only has coffee machines that make a whole pot at a time. You don’t want to see David without his morning coffee. Thank goodness the Flamingo RV Park that we stayed in last night (nice by the way) had coffee in there shop. No coffee would have made for a very long day, again.

So, as I said earlier, we are back at the dealership this morning. As if they didn’t have enough to do, we had another list from the night before that we made. Little things like drawers needing to be adjusted and how did the comforter (that came with the RV) get wet? I think the cleaning crew got a little over zealous with there water bucket. Another thing that needs to be replaced. Cross your fingers we will get out of here at a decent hour. Our plan today, if all goes well, is to drive down to Fort Pierce, FL to surprise Andrea.

So, cross your fingers, put that seatbelt on, and hang on tight. Today will be an adventure with many more to come. See you in Fort Pierce! Bye for now. I have to go light some fires under some people. Where did I put that lighter?