David and Brenda in the tight space we flew in.

Well, well.  While flying model remote control gliders was something I had had done as a teen with my best bud Joe, now became a real flight in a real glider/sail plane.

As we were heading to the RV Resort Narrows Too in the Bar Harbor area, we passed a sign that read “Bi-Plane and Glider Rides”, I knew it was something we just had to do.  So the next morning, yes, the next day, we did it.

Below are some photos and take off and landing videos.  A glider is a non-powered plane that is towed up into the sky by a powered plane and then the tow rope is released and we more or less glide/sail down to the ground again.  We would highly recommend this if you are in the area.  http://www.AcadiaAirTours.com

The little office for the glider rides.

David and Brenda Ready to Soar

The small airport below as we glide around.

Looking toward Bar Harbor off the wing tip.

The Narrows Too RV Park as we take off.

The Narrows Too RV Park from just about 1 mile above

We are in that Glider as we flew over our motor coach. Thats our G74 internet dish on our coach. Jonathan snapped this photo for us.

Videos from the take off and landing. Ok, I was having a little too much fun. :)

Take off…