Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY

When you eat at chains restaurants, you know exactly what you are in for. Whether you eat at an Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel or an IHop, they are all the same, all over the country. This can be good for consistency and the knowledge that you know exactly what you are going to get, whether you are in St. Louis or San Francisco.

While chain restaurants have their place, we like to frequent Mom and Pop establishments. We like the variety. We like the authentic atmosphere. We like talking to the local people that serve their community. The local flavor, both in their food and their attitude. We feel that you really cannot get a good vibe on the community that you are visiting without visiting such establishments.

Front Counter At Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY
Sit At The Bar At Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY

We recently found a gem of a breakfast and lunch spot in the village of Brockport, NY. The Stoneyard Breakfast Company is just a short 20-minute drive from our seasonal site in Southwoods RV Resort. Part of the Stoneyard Brewing Company Family, this breakfast and lunch spot is unique and refreshing. They try to source a lot of there items fresh and local, all the way down to the sausage and cheese and it shows.

French Toast With The Bread Of The Day, Blueberry
Meat Skillet With Scrambled Eggs And Sour Dough Toast

David loves french toast and when he found out they make it with their “Bread of the Day”, he had to try it. You see, the bread of the day was Blueberry. How yummy does that sound? Blueberry French Toast….Yes please! It proved to be very yummy indeed.

I love a good skillet or omelet where everything is mixed together, so I tried the meat skillet. It was filled with thick slices of Bacon, Bostrom Farm to Table Breakfast Sausage, Yancy’s (local cheese producer) XXX Sharp Cheddar, Rosemary Garlic Home Fries, Eggs however I liked them (I had them scrambled) and a thick slice of Sourdough toasted to perfection. I could not even finish my skillet breakfast even though I wanted to. So David helped.

Topped off with unlimited, locally made Mocha Java Coffee for David and water for me (I don’t drink coffee). One of the neat features we found in regards to the coffee, was that you get to choose your own coffee mug off the wall amongst various sizes, shapes, logos etc.

Coffee Counter At Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY
Dining Room At Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY

You can choose to sit in the dining area or up at the bar. While it was fairly empty when we were there, we were also there between peak breakfast and lunch times. We sat in the dining area and our food came in a reasonable amount of time and super hot.

The atmosphere is eclectic and charming with a warm feel. Jason, who was behind the counter when we arrived, was warm, funny and friendly. A great trait to have when in the restaurant industry.

The food that came out for the other party in the dining room all looked great. But what really caught our eye was the Hot Skillet Cinnabun. We will definitely have to try that next time we go back.

And yes, we will be going back both for breakfast and to try there lunch. It was a great spot to find, just off the main street area in the Village of Brockport, NY, but easy to find. Close to the Erie Canal if you care to stroll down the path afterwards or just wander around the village shops to work off what you just ate.

And please, If you happen to stop in, be sure to mention where you read about them.


We look forward to bring you more Mom and Pop places that we find around the area that we are in, where ever that may be around the country. And remember, if you shop local businesses, you are supporting that community and their families.