If you added a Safe-T-Plus or are thinking about one, you would want to consider a Trim Unit for it.  The reason… is is used to allow you to correct the center line of the coach.  How many times have you had heavy winds or a bad crown in the road?  When this happens you need to always hold the steering wheel to the right or the left to keep your straight.  This over time tires you out.  With the Trim Unit you can push a button and the unit holds that as the new center line.  More or less it resets your alignment (Not really messing with your actual alignment but holds the tie rod into a different position). This equals to less fatigue and a more comfortable drive.

See it in action with me driving our couch in 15-20 mph side winds. Video Notes…When I release the trim kit from holding a center line, watch how we are pushed to the right. If you look at the camera on the dashboard as a reference point using the roads white line, you can see how quickly we are pushed by the wind. Also, when I do it a second time, you can hear us being pushed right over the white line so quickly as I hit the rumble strips.