Well it has been some time that we did an update on Tasha I think. Well, she is doing as well as can be expected we guess. She has her good days and her bad days like the rest of us. But what she really does not like is the sand/gravel that is what is the West.

We are currently in Laughlin, NV and are staying in KOA park as you may have learned earlier. Well, out here, like being in AZ, NM, TX etc it is just sand, dirt (if you call it that), and more gravel. Tasha does not like this one bit. To the point we needed to put her protective booties on her. Here are two photos of her taken 1 hour apart. Take a look at her attitude and you will see the dread chat to joy as we found grass at the Casino and brought her to it.

Such a difference in her. She even tired to run like she was young again. We had to keep holding her back. (Once we caught her again.) She just does not understand that it is so easy now for her to get hurt. So we do what we can. Hey, she is happy. We come home from being out and she want to play and grabs her stuffed toys and does the dog shake the head thing.

So, she is doing well. She has her bad days, thats for sure. One day I started looking on-line for dog wheelchairs for the back legs. Yes, you read that right, I did.