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Well some of you knew this post would come someday, and today is that day. Tasha passed away last night at 10:45PM PST. (1/14/11)

It was not from anything we would have expected, and it made the decision quick. She ended up with bloat. Bloat is one very serious issue when it comes up. I will not get into what it is other than to say more or less the stomach flips over and twists.

We rushed her to the 24 hour animal hospital here in Indio, CA, where they got her stable quickly and was able to tube her to release the pressure. But the damage is done at this point. When the doctor started to tell us about the condition, I stopped her and asked if she was in any pain and if we went back to see her would she know it was us, she answered no to both. So at that point I looked at Brenda and the choice was quick as we both knew the outcome. We choose not to be with her as we did not want out last image of her to be on a steel table with a tube. After all, she was not awake for the most part.

So, it was not the hips that gave out in the end which would have made the choice even harder, it was something that had to be done.

Making the choice to come on this trip was one of the best things we ended up doing. I say this for Tasha was VERY HAPPY on the road with us. I was even able to lay down with her yesterday outside in the 75 degree weather. She normally gets up and moves away after a few mins, this time, she laid next to me and fell asleep as I was petting her. So, it was a great last day until the end.

So, 14.5 years, a great life, and memories that will last a lifetime. Tasha was one “Special child”. She will always be my “Baby Bear”. (Inside joke were she looked like a baby black bear if you scrunched her face.)