The X650 after it crashed.

The X650 after it crashed.

We thought for sure it was lost.

What are the odds that in all these corn and soy beans fields, the quadcopter ended up hitting a dust collector silo.

The Yoder family runs a wood working business, R & R Custom Woodworking, and this was their silo.

Collecting all the parts, they found David’s name inside the cover.  After some research, they tracked us down and contacted us.

So you all know the saying…

“If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, then it was meant to be.”

Well, Thanks to the Yoder family in Nappanee, IN David was able to get the quadcopter back after it was unexpectedly and inexplicably “set free” .

The Dust Collector Silo

The Dust Collector Silo

Laying somewhere in a corn field.

So we want to express our sincere thanks again to the Yoder family.

It’s because of you that we were able to salvage some parts and electronics that we feared lost.

It’s because of you we were able to retrieve the awesome video recording (which can be found here).

It’s because of you we now have new friends in Nappanee.

So a big Thank You again for going out of your way for strangers whom now can call you friends.  Here’s a quick video that David put together as our way of saying thanks.

Yoder Family

Yoder Family

I guess you can say…

It was meant to be.