Dinner Stop

Well, well. We made it to Gaffney, SC a little early. 11:45PM early. You see, we were all set for the night on a Walmart parking lot and had been their from 4:00PM and ate dinner and all. At 9:30PM we were on the road again as it seems we missed the “No Trailer Parking” sign. (So thats why their were no other RV’ers around. So we figured we were only 2 hours away, already on the road at night, and little traffic. So, we drive right to the Freightliner Service Center. We got a great spot seeing we got here so early. :) It was a very nice night to drive actually.

We are here for a standard service appointment for routine maintenance. The appointment is set for Wednesday so we will be here at least until Thursday and then we are off to just above Dallas, TX for a stop for a week.

Tasha is doing well. But we are waiting for a knee brace for her to arrive we hope on Wednesday. If not, thursday. She seems to be falling over a little more the past few days. She was doing much better, but we think she may have tweaked it again.

Until next time.