As you have been reading, we are expecting to move into a new home. That being, a 2014 Winnebago TOUR 42GD.  Ever wonder what it takes to give a Class A motor coach the look it has on the outside?  We did!

So we asked the kind people at Winnebago for permission for CDI, the painting company, to send us photos of the birth of the color of our Solar Winds TOUR.

What we found when we received the 80 photos was it takes A LOT of man hours for such a paint job. But even before that, you have a design team that spends many hours (humm…days), and as we found, sleepless nights, coming up with such designs. The designs then go back and fourth from design to the top brass and back again until it is just right.

At the point where every one has signed off, then the “fun” really begins. And not just for one person, but a team of dedicated people. This group of dedicated CDI employees then set out on one mission. To make the beauty of the design, come to life. So armed with a lot of masking tape, plastic, and just a few key items like a spray gun, sanders, and polishers. Least we not forget the every important air masks! (Then add a lot more of the same over, and over, and over again.) What you are about to see may surely amaze you as it did us.

As we came to find out, among the images of the staff you see working on the coach are also extremely dedicated Winnebago inspectors that keep an eye on each process a long the way. It seems that their is not a coach that is made that does not have this level of commitment at each step by Winnebago.

We are looking forward to seeing the coach in person for the first time. For as we have been told, the images do not do this coach justice.

We would like to thank the staff and team at CDI, from the designers to the detailers and all in between, for the beauty they breathe into coaches every day.  And thank you all kindly for allowing us to share this experience with others through photo documenting the process. 

We are extremely proud to present the color birth of our Solar Winds design, 2014 Winnebago TOUR 42GD, painting by CDI…. (Click on [View with PicLens] for best experience.)