Oh My Gosh! What have we done? We keep asking ourselves this time and time again. We then come back to the same answer, for each other. To make memories together, now, while we can. Yes, we are just nuts as you can see by the above photo. But more on that another time.

So we stated out our experience with a new 2008 Gulf Stream Tour Master RV. Yes, we purchased more or less as second home. Why? Why not? It will allow us not only to experience new things, but also be used for some business reasons like trade shows.

First we need to get to Florida. Well, we made the mistake of flying Delta as it seems that someone in the flight crew needed to get the paper work right as it had snowed that morning. The issues is, was it “snow” or “wet snow” and they had to wait to get the paper work corrected after they talked to the tower to get the correct definition. I am not kidding here…We sat for 40 minuets to clear this up and then another 40 for the plane to be de-iced. Well, we missed out connection flight for which we had 1:10 before it. Thanks Delta…this will be our last flight with you seeing your people seem to be clueless. Other planes were leaving just fine all around us, even other Delta flights. Go figure! BTW…Did they hold the other flight for us for 5 mins? Nope. 19 people missed the same flight. Thanks yet again Delta. (Side note…your coffee sucks!)

So we made it to Florida and purchased the RV from Dick Gore’s RV World in Jacksonville. Very, very nice people to deal with by the way. Ask for Jimmy “Your Friendly RV Salesmen”. Very nice guy.

We jetted down from Hilton, NY and had a “crash course” in the use of the RV gear. (No Mom, we did not actually crash.) We had to learn the electrical system and other things like how life in the RV actually works. Scott the service manager was great. He keep in contact with us all week as the RV was being readied.

First thing first, what to call our new home on 6 wheels? I want to call it “Enterprise” but Brenda will not go for it. I have the air horn that plays the start of the Star Trek theme. :) (Like in the movie RV) We do however what to get air brushed on the back “To Boldly Go…Because we can!” Ok, maybe just the first part. But really a name. This thing is 42 feet long, 8 foot wide, and 12 feet 6 inches tall. It is a beast. It blocks out the sun. So what to call it? I guess we will get that that point at some time. Sorry, was just thinking out loud. But we will by the end of this trip.

Speaking of the trip. We are taking 7 days to get back. Maybe 6, it is all in how we feel. But we have a number of stops planned at this time. (One of which included getting in on time….thanks again Delta for again failing us.) But all in all a stop to see Brenda’s sister Andrea and Brenda Mom who happens to also be visiting Andrea. Neither of them know of the RV purchase. That will be fun. We will also visit David’s Mom and Dad before starting our trek back to upstate NY. (The snow better be gone.)