(Brenda here) Here we are Monday. Driving across Florida to visit The Bott’s. I’m actually typing to you while we are driving. Wireless is great! David is getting very comfortable driving now. It had to have helped with all the night time driving. One thing we are learning real quick is when you take a wrong turn, it’s easier to turn around in a parking lot. David had to do two K-turns already, in the dark no less, on main roads. But as the dealership told us…”Don’t worry about turning around, the cars will just have to wait. They have no choice, you’re bigger than them.” How true.

Yesterday we had a nice visit with my sister, Andrea and my mom. This was the first time we saw Andrea since July last year. She’s doing well. She’s making plans for teaching down here next year. So I’d saw she’s adjusting. Here she is checking out the view for the co-pilot seat. She’s ready to go!

Sleeping in this RV is nice. We were able to stop at the store and get a feather bed. David also, finally, got his coffee machine! It’s amazing how the headaches just stop when your able to get that morning cup of java. Now it’s feeling like home.

I think I’m going to stop here. David’s singing along with the radio and admiring the cows in the pasture next to us. Sitting so high up we see a lot more than if we were in a car. Nice views. I know, I know, we have cows in Rochester too. I’m sure we’ll see some different wildlife at some point. More later.