When driving to the Banning KOA campground where were were to stay for just over a week, we had to stop for an overnight. We stopped in Bear Mountain RV park that is located just off Route 99 in Bakersfield, CA. It is a very nice place that is very open and very new. It is nothing special mind you, put it was a great place to overnight and would even consider staying a few night but their, well, is not really much around that we could tell.

Well as the title of the post says, we woke up to a major fog. We could not even see 2 sites down. :) As you can see in the photo, it was quite the thing to awake to. These photos were at around 10AM, so needless to say, we really hated it for we could not leave until it lifted some.

We made it to the Banning KOA without issue needless to say and we are currently here until January 6th.