David here again. Well we are soon to leave this lovely little camp site after being here a short two days. As you may have read, this was more or less a test run for Tasha, our 12 year old German Shepherd. You can see the bowl in the above photo, but no Tasha. Well that is because she does like cameras. As soon as she had seen it, POOF, she ran into the back bathroom.

So how was it? Well, it did not go was well as we hoped. All is well traveling with her and living in the RV with her, but we can not leave the coach without her getting nervous. (As noted on the other page.) Maybe it is way to soon for her to understand that we are not leaving her and that we will be back. But a week from tomorrow, Sunday the 22nd, we leave for the Gulf Stream “Back to Home” rally in Indiana. We will be gone a week and she will need to be left alone at times. So, we are nervous to be that far from home (8 hours) to say the least as she may prove to be, well, a pain. :) DON’T get us wrong, we love this time we have with her. It is because of this that we do not want her to be nervous or scared in any way. So, we will do what we need do.

Ok, different subject. People. It is amazing how nice other RV people are. We were invited to a campfire, waved at as we walked Tasha, and someone even helped me with the batteries where I had to adjust some cables. One other person even picked up distilled water for the batteries. Wow, RV people are great people.

Well it is time to pack up and move on out. Until next time we travel! (on 6/22)