(David here) Well, we are home. Yes, we choose to drive home because, well, the weather was just bad bad bad. We had seen the light at the end of the tunnel and choose take it all the way home. Well, I had thought it would fit in the garage…

…but not quite. (No mom I did not really think it would fit.) But this really does put it into perspective on the size of the RV.

I will tell you all that we made it all the way home, my first time driving anything like this, especially at 42 feet long, and we did very, very will until I got stuck in our own driveway. Yes, passenger rear tires went off the driveway into the what only looks like grass but is in fact some creature that just wanted to suck the RV into it’s grasp to have it for it’s own. Nope, no way was I going to let that happen. After I realized we were no longer moving forward as as we were being sucked in, I grumbled a bit, and then let gravity help get us out. I put the rig into reverse and let the 34,000 pounds just roll on back out. As soon as I had the driveway again under the tires, I quickly moved forward without slowing. Few! We did leave some scars on that creature but they will heal.

I mentioned we choose to come home based on the weather, well here are a couple photos of what we drove in…

…it was like this most all the time after we left Florida. Could not even get out of the RV and walk around the parks if we wanted for it was all rain.

But we are home. As soon as I walked in and was run over by Tasha and ignored by the cats, we realized that out adventure really has just begun. We are home, the family, was fine, and we were missed.

But then I quickly remembered why we wanted to do this in the first place as I started to fix issues with the home like the lighting system. I remember thinking to myself last night, why am I doing this? We could just get in the RV and roll on out of here to another place. Less upkeep. Less to maintain. And then I thought, yes, but that also means less of family if always gone.

Until next time. This closes out our first travels as we are “home”.