Whitey's Fish Camp, Orange Park, FL

Whitey’s Fish Camp, Orange Park, FL

So we made it to Florida to finish becoming Florida residents.

We had to get to Green Cove Springs, FL to do this. This is where our mail forwarding service, St. Brendan’s Isle, is and thus our address.

Needless to say, there aren’t many campgrounds around this area to choose from. Actually there’s one. Unless we want to be 40 minutes or so away.

So we chose Whitey’s Fish Camp. Just 8 miles away from where we needed to be.

Their website was interesting. It did show a couple big rigs in the lot though. So it shouldn’t be that bad. Can you pick us out in the picture above?

We’ve actually been to worse places that call themselves an RV “Resort”. Now don’t get me wrong. Whitey’s Fish Camp is not saying they are a “resort”. They have a very popular restaurant with entertainment, a boat dock that is very active and full hook-ups on semi level lots. Resort they are not, however we are close to where we need to be. So that’s all that matters to us right now.

David did a quick fly around to check out the area and took some of these nice aerial shots.

Whitey's Fish Camp in Orange Park, FL

Whitey’s Fish Camp in Orange Park, FL

So here we sit.  Tomorrow we will get up and finish becoming Florida residents.  Then it’s back on the road to head north again.  Back to CW in Indianapolis to hopefully pick up our new coach.

Our Spot At Whitey's Fish Camp

Our Spot At Whitey’s Fish Camp