(Brenda Here) We stopped last night, in West Virginia, at another KOA campground. This one was interesting. It was located behind a Days Inn Hotel and you actually check in at the hotel desk for the campground. Yeah…we made it before night fall! We got in around 4:30pm. Early enough that I was able to test out the washing machine and dryer. Cool. Here’s an observation. The further north we get, the less we have to make reservations at campgrounds. No RVers are traveling north. Hmmm, I wonder why. ha ha.

Well, my one word to describe West Virginia….SUCKS!!! I don’t think the people of West Virginia know how to build a straight road. When you have this many mountains and valleys, I guess there’s no choice but to make them windy. I do find it funny that as soon as we crossed the Pennsylvania border the roads straightened out and the rain stopped.

David’s playing around with the radio. We’ve come to the conclusion that we better start liking country music. Make note: When traveling, bring your own supply of music. We thought we were doing good by bringing both of our ipods. Nope. The ipod adapter that plugs into the cigarette adaptor doesn’t have a strong enough signal. It’ll work just fine for a car because the antenna on the roof is closer. But when your talking about your antenna being several feet away, like 10, it just doesn’t have enough power to work well.

We’re not too far from home now. Only another 300 miles. We may stop one more night. Just to relax a little. We’ll see. Who knows, we may be pulling up to your driveway as we speak. Ha, wouldn’t that be a site! Bye for now.