Hats Galore!

Hats Galore!

Oh My!

That’s all I have to say about that.

David and I are going through our closets and donating a lot of our clothing and such.

Getting rid of all the excess in our lives.

One closet at a time.

Today it was time for the hall closet.  Winter coats, fall coats, rain coats, dressy coats, outdoor work coats.  Who needs so many coats?

And let me just say, it’s ridiculous the amount of hats I found in there.  All just shoved into two plastic bins on the top shelf.  Some still brand new, never even worn.  Sad.

Why do two people need so many hats?

Think of all the naked heads out there in the world.

So do me a favor…

When someone offers you a free hat for signing up for something, or attending an event or you are at the mall and see a cute hat you must have…

Think of this pile and JUST SAY NO!

Now I must admit, most of these hats are our own doing.  You see, we have a business called Home Theater Cruise.  We produce technology conferences aboard a cruise ship.  Well…. One of our swag items you would receive in a goody bag that we hand out for a Thank You for attending the Home Theater Cruise is a hat.  And well, sometimes their are extras.  And guess who goes home with the extras?  Yup… you guessed right, us.  And of course, we can never throw anything out.  We have however learned over the years to just go up on deck and start handing out the extra hats and such to whom ever would want them.  It’s amazing how people will just gravitate to you when you are handing out free stuff.  I say the less stuff to bring home the better.

BTW… There were more hats in the motorcoach that I had to get out of there.  Now tell me something, who really needs 6 identical hats?  We got a couple Tourmaster hats when we bought our coach.  And of course, they had extra hats on hand, so they offered us some more hats.  Always looking for a deal, who could pass up free hats?

Well… From now on, I can.