Moab, Utah
"Bott-Lott" At Southwoods RV Resort In Byron, NY

So we did a 1 year living in our coach and our thoughts and we did a 2 year living in our coach. So now we’ve been getting some emails and questions as to when we are going to do a 3 year review of living in our coach. We’re a little late in doing this as we really were not sure what to say. You see, we haven’t really done much to the coach this past year and what we have done, we’ve blogged about. So you already know about it all.

Enjoying An Evening At The Campfire With Friends

We’re really at a loss as to what to say. Would we buy a 45 foot coach again? Yes. Do we still like what we have? Yes. Without a doubt this floor plan has been great for us and our full timing lifestyle. Would we like to upgrade? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that the newer coaches have some newer tech and let’s face it, we’re all about tech. No in the sense that we have not really found another floor plan that really works for us, so there really is no point in upgrading right now. As we try to stress to everyone that is in the looking phase , floor plan is everything, in our opinion.

Campfire At The "Bott-Lott"

The only things that we can truly say is that if you take care of your coach and do the scheduled maintenance on it, it will treat you right. Enjoy the lifestyle, the traveling, the meeting new people and experiences. For our time is limited on this beautiful planet of ours. There is so much out there to enjoy and experience that one can not see it all and do it all in one lifetime.

But that surely does not stop us from trying.

BK And Whisper
Beautiful Sunset In Arizona

We don’t foresee ourselves stopping traveling anytime soon. We enjoy it so. And from the picture above, you can clearly see that BK and Whisper are enjoying traveling as well.

So without further ado here is our video of our 3rd year living in the coach.