Tasha Passed Out, No Doubt From Working To Hard.

Tasha Passed Out, No Doubt From Working To Hard.

Thought I’d share this all with you.  This is an email that I sent out to my sister’s and parents:

Boy….am I tired of taking care of my mom.  She’s starting to feel a little better so I can finally rest now.  She’s getting over sinus and ear infections.  Dad tells me it’s the antibiotics that are making her better.  But I know it’s all the love and protection from me, he just doesn’t want to admit it.


I attached the above picture to this email too.

This is the response that I got.  I laughed out loud and had to share this with you all.

Awwww Tasha, I know what a good girl you are and that you are fully capable of making anyone feel better!  It’s a well documented fact that dogs can detect illnesses and comfort the afflicted. It is no coincidence that D-O-G is G-O-D backwards.  Even though taking care of your mom is exhausting, I know you will not give up until she is completely better!

Auntie Linda will have to bring you some liver brownies to help keep your strength up during this difficult time.  Please make sure your dad helps to take care of your mom too!

I love you all…

Hope this brightens your day.