Well this post has been a long time coming. That is because, well, we have been exhausted after going through all of this. We needed some time not only to move into the coach, but also to have some items that came up taken care of. Throughout all that, we really were not in the mood to do the videos as one could expect.

After a few days of decompression in a town park, see previous post, we have finally produced the videos we needed to finally close out this experience. So we proudly present them now.

NOTICE: These videos are long for videos on YouTube. So bandwidth is a consideration if you are RV’ing currently. Even though long, we feel that if you are looking at purchasing a new coach you will be spending a good amount of money. As such, the time it takes to watch these videos we hope you consider time well spent. So get a cup of coffee or something more to your liking, and call your loved one to watch with you….It’s show time. Remember…you can use the icons at the bottom right side of the video to go full screen and control the quality.

(We were not paid by Tiffin or anyone for these videos in any way, shape or form.  All production costs etc for this past complete build series on our blog were incurred by us as these were made in hopes of helping others. We hope you will share this with others that may also have an interest.)


COMPLETE TIME LAPSE OF THE BUILD: The below video is 11 minutes and 30 seconds long but covers the complete built construction of our 45LP Allegro Bus.  From build station one all the way to the drive to the dealer for delivery.  It is 13 days compressed down to 11:30 via the use of time lapse images that were taken every 10 seconds.  We hope you enjoy this video as it was quite the undertaking in time and will power.

SHOULD YOU BE ONSITE FOR THE BUILD?: If you are going to have a coach built, a Tiffin coach as we know of no others that allow for this, and you are wondering what it is like to be onsite and what to expect, we hope this video helps not only answer such questions, but also why you should be onsite. We made this video as we had been asked time and time again was it worth it to be at the factory for the build. So we cover some tips and also the overall experience and we hope your questions are answered in this video The run time is 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

THE INTERIOR WALK THROUGH: In this video we take you on a tour of our new home. Now this video is the longest of the all at about 29 minutes!  It shows you the inside of our 2014 45LP Allegro Bus that has finely been setup as our new home.  We talk about some of the changes we made to the coach that are not standard and also point out some items we hope that Tiffin considers for the future.  Even though the video is long, it does move along and does show the coach from the point of view of the owners vs an on-line dealer video.  We are not trying to sell you a coach, but only how it all ended up after we moved in and give you a different view than a sales view.  We do not go over everything! We really did this for our family and friends who will not be able to see our new home for some time.  We hope you enjoy this ONE TAKE, unedited video as we take you through our new home.

We hope you have enjoyed the the blog entries on the build process of our new home. It was a labor of love for sure to make this. It was a great time to say the least and we would surely do it again. We made a lot of new friends long the way and even learned a thing or two. To all that were involved, thank you. To all that followed along, thank you. To all that sent us notes of support and concerns, thank you.

And to our loving family and friends who miss us greatly, thank you the most for your understanding as to why we are on this journey.

(Please feel free to share this page to anyone considering Tiffin as a manufacturer. It shows the complete build and the other two personal videos. Of course all the blog entries will remain for anyone wanted to see it all in more detail. The complete build series can be found here.)