Well, never say never I guess.  If you have not already heard, Tiffin was sold to THOR Industries for $300 million which was announced last Monday the 21st of December 2020.  (DAM 2020…It strikes again!)  

We have been getting a lot of emails asking our thoughts about it and if people should consider another manufacturer now, worse, cancel the order they already have in.  To us…we would stay the course at this time.  After all, at this point the Tiffins are still around, Bob is still Bob, and for at least the time being, things should hopefully still be the same. The good news on this is that Thor Industries, not to be confused by Thor Motorhome which they of course also own, has a history of letting the companies they run operate independently. (Example…Airstream and Entegra who you may not even realize that Thor Industries also owns among a number of other RV lines.)  At least that is what Mr. Bob Martin, CEO of THOR Industries, has said. (Not to be confused with Bob Tiffin.)

At this point, if Tiffin had a floor plan we liked as much as our 45LP Allegro Bus, we would still be looking to purchase a new Tiffin.  However, sadly, they only have one 45 Foot Allegro Bus floor plan. But that should at least say something in regards to our thoughts. 

But if that is not enough, here is a video chat we did about the sale if you care to take a listen. But hopefully this blog post alone will slow down the emails to us asking about the sale and what to do. But we do thank you for thinking enough of us to ask our opinion. :)