So to live life you sometimes need to shake things up. After all, we all want chapters in our book of life, for without chapters, we would just have a pamphlet. So at this time we would like to introduce Loki our new family member. We have had Loki now for 4 weeks. We did not say anything as of yet as we wanted to be sure he fit us and us him. 

He is a two year old German Shepherd Mix that we currently have a DNA report being run on just for fun. He was found running down the roads out in Houston, Texas and was sent up to Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue, a local not for profit, as there are so many dogs in need of help in Texas. (So we were told.) But whatever the case, he is quite the character to the point of of naming him Loki which is the “Viking God of Mischief”. 

As you can see, he surely has taken to his new lifestyle. He claimed the recliner as his own, which is great as we hardly used it and actually considered removing it. The coach of course is totally different for him and he has yet to know it moves! So surely it will be interesting to see what happens when that time comes. But after 4 weeks, he seems to be finally starting to understand we are his humans. After all, he has been moved from foster home to foster home with the longest lasting 3 weeks. So we can only hope he has accepted us as his forever family.

If you have been following us for a while, you may remember that we had a German Shepherd before. Tasha had passed in 2011 at the age of 14.5 yrs old. After that, we had our cats, up until last October when we lost our last two. So we have been furry kid free for a little while now. 

What better way to shake things up than to adopt a 68 lb German Shepherd mix that believes he’s a lap dog and is a big goofball.

We’ve all been getting to know each other and our likes and dislikes. 

Such as, Loki loves the water! We discovered this when we took him to the local dog park and they have a dog pool. Every time we go there, that’s the first place he heads, right into the water. He plays well with others and loves to run non-stop. And when he runs…Oh my! He is a bullet!

He’s not so thrilled with tennis balls, got bored of them quickly, so we tried a bigger ball. Umm….Winner! He loves his Jolly Ball

And something we have to work on with him…waking us up at 6am! Ugh! We’re not big morning people and this has been a big adjustment for us. We’re working on it though. He is getting better. We’ve been able to sleep until 7am now!

He loves car rides! Can’t get enough of them. Even though, as soon as he gets in the car he lays down and sleeps. Just wait until he discovers that he’s living in a giant moving vehicle that will take him to many more new places with new smells and new dogs to play with. 

He’s enjoying living at a campground that’s for sure! So many dogs to greet. Everyone here at Southwoods RV Resort has fallen in love with him. He’s a big sweetheart that gives kisses in exchange for a pat on the head or a belly rub. 

We’ve been training with him, right now on basic commands but he will graduate to more advanced commands later. He’s picking up on things quickly. He is very smart. Stubborn and brat like sometimes, but smart. I guess that’s the 2 year old in him.

So there it is. Why we’ve been silent for a little while now. 

We’ve been getting to know and bonding with this big goofball we call Loki.

So now…let’s have a little fun with Loki!

As we mentioned earlier, we ordered a DNA test from Embark on him to see what exactly Loki is mixed with. We should have the results by the end of August, early September. So we thought…wouldn’t it be fun to run a contest to see what our OOBies thought Loki was made of? So here it goes….(Don’t get to excited)

Send in your guess to what Loki is. He is part German Shepherd and what else do you think?

The OOBie that guesses correctly, well the most closest seeing he likely is multi breeds,  will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!
(If people guess the same, the one person who sent in the guess first would win.)  We will share the results we receive from Embark so all can see! ;)

So e-mail us in your guess!  Example…Loki is 50% Great Dane and 25% Pugg and 25% Doberman. (He’s not any of that BTW. :))  We will take entries up until midnight Eastern Time  September 7th and post the result on September 8th.   

Send your guess to 

Good Luck!