Ok, no you are not seeing things. Brenda is driving our coach! Ok, she went all but 20 miles, but she did it! It was not the best experience for her, as we still have some issues with the ride control. The wheel moves more that it should we feel and thus makes for a much less comfortable driving experience. We REALY need to found someone to be able to find this issue and resolve it.

So we were on the road and with all the rain we have had the RV was quite a mess. But wait! What is that on the horizon? I see a TRUCK WASH! Yes, a truck wash! Now this will be a first for us of course. So we exited and went on over to check it out.

As you can see, a BIG building with all these guys inside. You pull in and they go to work with big spray guns and brushes. It takes all but 17 minutes to get the rig clean and then you hit the road to air dry it. Cost…$47 with tax. Not bad seeing it takes us about just over an hour when we did it and made it hail.

So we get to JellyStone Park in North Java NY after about 8 hours of travel. However I did get that rest for 20 mins when Brenda drive, so thanks hun. :) Well when we arrived lets just say, hum, fitting was an issue. What can say, their are a lot of trees! Tree, tree, tree!!! Then when we got to our site next to Joe and Lynn, our friends from Rochester, the site would not fit our rig.

So we needed to back up and up and up to get back to a site that would fit us. Here, let me show you a video of our fit in this park that gives you an idea of the type of park and the other camper sizes, and then us.

Ok, now that you are done laughing, we will still need to get this coach out of the park without hitting any tress. ;)

So did we have a good time on this trip? Yes, for the most part it was a great first outing with more working being done on the coach than we really wanted. But we are making it our own after all. Both getting more and more use to it and sometimes we even feel like we do not want to return home. This is because of the memories we are making. No matter if it is spending the night inside of a repair bay or getting hit in the face with a cream pie because you are accused of having too big of an RV. Oh, what am I referring to? Here you go…

Thanks Joe and Lynn for the fun of camping with the use of your kids. You can have them back now.

Thats it for this trip as we head home to start planning for our next.