NOTICE: AT&T has now stopped offering this wonderful plan as of January 15th, 2020.  What a total let down to say the least. They claim that people were “abusing the plan”.  I am sorry, but you offered an unlimited data plan and people bought it and actually used it. If you have a “limit” as part of that deal, then slow down the people that are abusing the speeds and not remove the plan for everyone that had to buy this hardware in order to get the plan in the first place. 

Looking for $30 a month unlimited data plan?  AT&T and TOGO have you covered!  The TOGO C2 unit is powered by a Winegard V2 unit that I already talked about in the past.  The TOGO C2 is a V2 unit with the exception that it is locked to AT&T for service. But for $30 a month for unlimited data, that is one nice plan! 

Yes, as with other plans, they can slow you down after 22GB used of the tower is congested. However, I have never really seen that happen personally.  If a tower is busy, it’s busy, just like Wi-Fi.  Thus you never really know unless you try two devices at the same time, one over the 22GB limit and one under it and see what the speeds are.

The TOGO V2 is a router that only requires 12V power and you are up and running. (Well, more or less.)  You mount it to your roof and you can select between using it as a Wi-Fi Repeater where you can connect it to an RV Park Wi-Fi or you can use the AT&T 4G data.  Seeing it is 4G unlimited data, this also means you will have data on the road when traveling down the highway! So you would connect all of your Wi-Fi devices to your own SSID and all will have access to the Internet though the TOGO. Just like any router, this also puts you behind a firewall for some added protection.

What’s the catch?  Well, not only the price of the TOGO unit, same as the V2 4G version, but you need to prepay for your data all upfront for one year.  Yup, $360 for the year, all at one time.  So this actually makes this TOGO C2, IMHO, more for those that “full time” or “most time” seeing if you don’t, you are just waiting money when not in your coach or RV. You can’t even get any pro-rated money back by canceling before the 1 year. 

This is new and not yet even fully rolled out to retailers as of yet.  Mine came in a brown box. :)  But I did shoot a video about it and also a setup video for when you can get one.  Here are a few links for now. When I find them in retailers I will update the post.

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