So as you may guess, we get asked a lot about things that we use in our motor coach. Sometimes it is just a question on communications such as Wi-Fi or data services. Others times in comes down to safety. So we figured we would put together a quick list of the items that we feel are must haves so to speak.  So why top seven? Well, everyone else does 5 and 10 and we wanted to be different. 

We also felt doing it right before Amazon Prime day would be a plus for then we may get a kick back for a sale. Yes, our links are affiliate links which gives us a small percent commission for each sale made from our links. Hey, way not?  You would ask for a link anyway.  We DO NOT get paid by manufactures to mention their products or give good reviews. So please click away!

So without further blah, blah, blah, here are seven items, in no particular order, we feel are must haves… 

Private High Powered Wi-Fi

One of the must viewed posts of our site is about making a better Wi-Fi connection, so surely we will start with this one. It is a system that I give a tutorial on how to build that not only will help you have the best chance at connecting to a RV Parks Wi-Fi, but also puts you on your own internal private network thus adding security.  See our full post on it by CLICKING HERE!

Cellphone and 4G Data Booster

Boosting cellphone and 4G data on the road and bringing the signal inside the coach is a must for full timers in our humble opinion. I mean after all, you want to be able to have good cell reception as much as you can. That is where the weboost 4G-X RV comes in.  It is a complete kit that has all you need to get up and running with a cellphone and 4G booster.  We of course did a blog post on this new kit that you can CLICK HERE to read.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a MUST HAVE FOR ALL RV AND COACH OWNERS!!! We have talked about this MANY times as we want to drive it home (no pun intended) how important having one is. Our TPMS of choice is the EEZTire TPMS from EEZ RV Products. Here is the blog post where we talk about how important it is. CLICK HERE. And here is a blog post on how it saved us…CLICK HERE

Engine Fire Suppression System

Engine Compartment Fire Suppression System for a diesel motorhome, and maybe any for that matter, is something we will always look to have.  There have been over 350 RV fires this year alone and even our friend, who did purchase one but did not have time to install it before they left, lost their motor coach due to an engine fire. So, please check these out as it could be something that not only helps you, but also can give you a little more piece of mind. Here is our blog post about our friend…CLICK HERE.  Here is a post on us installing one…CLICK HERE. BTW…You may also want to put some Foam Fire Extinguishers around the RV.

CoachProxy Coach Control

If you own a 2015 or newer Tiffin Motorhome then CoachProxy is for you! Why? Control! It gives you the power to control anything on the Spyder panel from your phone or computer. Even more, if you use an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can control things with your voice! “Alexa, turn on the main lights.” It also does alerts via email and text messages for things such as tank levels and batteries. So if you are not aware of CoachProxy, you should be. ;) We did a blog post about it when it was announced…CLICK HERE.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker


For cooking, look no further than the Instant Pot for RVing. Why? Most of the cooking can be done in one pot! No, not kidding. It is great! Example, say you want pasta and meatballs. Ok, one pot is all that is needed.  Add frozen meatballs, place the dry pasta right on top, then add a jar of sauce on top of that. Fill the jar with water and pour it along the inside sides of the pot so not to dilute the sauce. Close, set timer for 1/2 the time the pasta box reads and your off! When done, you have your pasta dish all done in one pot, with no water to drain as it’s all absorbed into the pasta, therefore no wasted water and more importantly, no extra heat and moisture added to your RV like when you cook it on the stovetop! We bought it last time on Prime Day, so you may also have a chance! Here is the blog post we did on it…CLICK HERE

Electrical Protection

When it comes to power, you need protection! We use and trust the Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C unit for full time protection. Trust us, when you come across a RV park that has substandard power, you are putting yourself, and your coach, at risk. From brown outs to high voltage, you need protection. That does not even take into account though a post that may have been wired wrong or if a neutral was dropped or even crossed. Even spikes can and does make for issues! You need protection. Don’t have any, GET SOME! Be it the hardwired unit we installed or an external one, this can be one of the best safeguard investments you make.

Easy Bug Remover (Honorable Mention)

Ok, 8 items, for who could not use Bugs N’ All Bug Remover , What can I say other than BUY THIS STUFF and make your job SO MUCH easier! After our 14 hour drive in our Tiffin Allegro Bus motorhome we had quite the mess.  So much so that I did not want to clean it as I know it would take at least 45 minutes of hard work.  So I came to amazon as I knew that there had to be something to help, Sure enough I found Bugs N All and ordered it along with a Microfiber Mesh Bugs and Tar sponge. Oh am I ever so happy I did.  I was so impressed I had to make blog post on it complete with video.  CLICK HERE