Say hello to “Tour” a 10 week old kitten that we helped out. No mom, we did not take in a new family member.

Tour was named after our coach he came out from under (Tour Master), came up to us after a few minutes of checking us out. Not only did he come up to us, he came up to Tasha! Very interesting indeed. We keep telling him no, we could not take him in, but he keep insisting but nuzzling us and Tasha. I think he was trying to say, “look, I fit right in!”.

Well, we contacted the office of the park and was given a card for the local SPCA, Hill Country Animal Service League. As fate would have it, they are only open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and we found him on Wednesday! Few! So we took off up the road to the office.

We were greeted with smiles and hope filled our hearts. They took a quick look and said “boy is he a lover” as he was just purring away. They said they would clean him up and get him ready for adoption. But then, the agency director said, “I do not have a kitten at home, and he is just so sweet.” So, I think Tour is going home with her.

We left a nice donation as the agency is a non-profit that was more than enough to get Tour in shape and also a few others. So, meet Tour, a little guy that has been a great part of our trip.