Jonathan and Dasy,, lead the way in their Dutch Star for the first 6 miles until we took over to lead the way through update NY.

Jonathan and Dasy Lead the way

WeGoFar are not to far behind as we take the lead.

When we arrived into our first stop, only about 2.5 hours away, Jonathan noticed he took a rock hit to his windshield.  Seeing I try to be prepared for the trips we take, and also seeing we had this happen in the past, I pulled out a rock chip kit I had purchased!  We then set out to repair the windshield which would have surely cracked further without intervention like this.

All went well and Jonathan and I both were happy with the results of this $9 kit from I had found at Wal-mart.  If you RV and do not carry one, might I suggest finding one.

Jonathan compressing the chip repair liquid into the “bullet hole” type rock hit.

After we headed out to dinner, we went back and watched the movie RV. Which, come to our surprise, they had never seen! They laughed and laughed. It was great that we were able to play it for them for the first time. It is always fun with an RV’er seeing it for the first time.  Next we must try the “Long, Long Trailer” with Lucille Ball.

We are now traveling, in the rain of course, to our next stop where we hope to zip line through the Mohawk Trail State Forest in Massachusetts.

Jonathan and Dasy from