OK…So we have been traveling since 2008 and we learned early on that campgrounds and rv parks can sometimes be noisy. You could find yourself parked right next to the highway, train tracks or even noisy neighbors…you know who you are :) White noise can help you fall asleep anywhere you are because you will always have the same noise, night after night.

First off, what is white noise? In simple terms, white noise is a special type of sound signal which is used to mask background sounds. You can get these sounds from an app on your phone, like us using a bluetooth speaker, or using a machine made for it. (There are a lot of them and not all created equal.) Some people just run a fan all night, which in it’s own way, is white noise. You just need a consistent, steady noise that will drown out all other noises around you. Note…Once you do get used to sleeping with one…Not sleeping with one becomes an issue. But nothing a quick downloaded app won’t fix and using your phone. 

We’ve been wanting to bring this quick tip to you for a while and Brenda just kind of just “did it!”.  So here is our video on why a white noise machine (or in our case an app and speaker) is a good idea. 

A nice machine on Amazon —> https://amzn.to/2LXQ7jl