Angel Wondering What Is Going On

Angel Wondering What Is Going On
“But Mom, you promised me a new home with my own bed.”

Well, as the title says, we are just tying to get back to normal and figure out what and were we want to go from here.  It has been just about week now that we got the news from Winnebago that we would not be taking possession of the TOUR that we ordered.  We have been up and down in out moods.  From upset at times, to sad at others.  We have had an out pouring of  emotions from family, friends and people we do not even know.

The hardest part is we really, really, liked the coach. We liked the technical and AV gear inside it, we like some of the little things they they had

done with it, right down to the chassis it road on. (Even the battery placement was thought out nicely.) We were set to move in. We were excited about so many things. We were set to start are new life being, as our family puts it, “out on the streets”.

So now what?  Well, we have had offers and suggestions from all over that is for sure.  Offers such as “come stay with us anytime” to “come visit our factory”.  We have seen comments range from “I will never buy from them” to “they are a great company”.   Look, we know they are a good company with a long history.  Their reputation factored into our buying decision as well.  Like all companies, things happen.  We know this.  We accepted this.  We are greatly sad over what happened and how it happen though.  Can’t say it really any other way.

So…again…what now? We move on and at some point we will again find a coach that fits our wants and needs.  And we know we will, as everyone will, find some issues that will need correcting. We really think that it was a time thing for them in regards to fixing it.  But we also still know, in our hearts and gut, it should have never came about like it did.  For anyone.  Any manufacturer.  We keep saying to each other…”it had to be a fluke… right?”

Whisper Got Tired of Trying to Figure Out Where to go From Here. So, well, he jsut went to sleep as normal.

Whisper Got Tired of Trying to Figure Out Where to go From Here

So all in all, we are fine and need to get back to some sense of normal.  If a certain someone from Winnebago is reading this, and happens to have been our contact through out this build, we wanted to say thanks.  We know this was not your choice and we thank you for all you did along the way.  I know you felt bad and personally wanted to help however you could.  All in all, let us know when you think you all

Some of you asked…Tory, Angel, Whisper and BK are fine.  Thanks for asking.  They take all this without any issue.  They are happy they are not inside a carrier as we wait for work to be done . (Can’t say we blame them.)  They are just happy as ever and maybe we should just follow their lead.  Just let life happen.

Nice driving

have gotten back to building of the quality your name should invoke. Or even let us know if you end up finding time to make the fixes needed to the coach we ordered and maybe, just maybe, we can reevaluate the commitment of such a company name. After all, in the end, we did like the coach itself or we would never have ordered one.

Oh…And to the person that sent the following and asked if Brenda was driving…First off, very funny.  But nope.  That was me walking around with the cell phone and the GPS tracking still turned on.  :)