We’ve been home exactly a month now. Time is really moving slowly when your not out and about.

There’s so much to do around a house.  AUGH! So much work.  It never seems to end.  And let me tell you…cleaning an rv is a lot easier and quicker than cleaning a 3000 square foot house! Didn’t miss that at all.

David Powerwashing The Deck

When we got home we were overwhelmed by how much stuff we have.  We’re only two people and I don’t know where it all came from.  I know where it’s going though.  We are cleaning house and donating what we can, throwing out the rest.  Too much stuff! Too many nick nacks and junk.  Who needs all this?  Living on the road for 5 months really puts things in perspective.  We certainly don’t need all this.

We did get home in time to see the baby geese though.  They are so cute.  We have 9 babies this year.  They grow up so fast.  We like watching the growing and learning process.  They certainly learn quickly that Tasha is no threat.  They actually have come right up to us while we were walking, looking for food.

Baby Geese at our House

We have much more wildlife that we like to enjoy.  We live next to a wooded area so we are constantly getting deer, turkey and fox.  We also found this guy.  A snapping turtle that seemed to like our pond.  He is not a welcome guest.  Especially with our goslings running around.  So we captured him and relocated him 7 miles away to Lake Ontario.  David had read that once snapping turtles take up residence, you have to relocate them more than 5 miles away, or else they will find there way back to your home.  I’m sure he’ll be very happy there.

Snapping Turtle

Anyway…we hope to be on the road in late June.  We’re going to try getting the cats used to the rv again.  The first time it didn’t go so well.  This time, we’re going to set up camp in our driveway for a couple of days.  Then maybe we can move on to a weekend trip.  Cross your fingers.  If this works, then we can certainly do more traveling without having to get back home right away. As you can see, they are bored at home too.  They need adventure!

We were very fortunate enough to have some family stay at our home this past winter, with the kitties, so we could venture out.  We’re very lucky to have family that loves us so much.  We’ll keep you posted on the kitties progress.

BK Being Really Bored