So you have a Dish Winegard Trav’ler and would love to use the very powerful and fast Hopper 3 but have been told you could not.  Well, you were told wrong!  You surely can and I have done a video on it in the past showing how. While that tutorial video will work for ANY DISH Winegard Trav’ler system, this one will be less expensive and a cleaner install if you have a 2018 or newer Winegard Trav’ler system!

The DISH Hooper 3 is Dish’s top of the line receiver with 16 tuners!  Yes, you read that right…16! As such, you can record A LOT of shows even if they are all on at the same time.  It is a very fast and friendly DVR right down to being voice activated. (Internet access is required for some functions such as that.)  DISH Network is the only network we recommend for RV’ers as they offer Pay As You Go and also are easy to work with on updating your location so you can receive local channels.  This is very important for good weather and news information for the area you are in.

So how do you know if you have a 2018 or newer Trav’ler system? Easiest way to tell is via the serial number on the bottom of the controller box, the box that you use to put the dish up and down. (Assuming you have the original controller and it was not replaced in 2018+ that is.)


The first 7 digits of the serial number is their internal part number, 2769989, the next 6 digits was the date of manufacture.

Example: 27699890308181073, shows it would have been assembled on 03/08/18 and you would be OK to use this upgrade method. If you have any doubt or question feel, free to call Winegard, the will be happy to help you. 

Now Winegard has come out with a kit you can buy directly from them. However, if you buy the parts off Amazon, you will save a good deal of money. (Last I heard the kit was $75 + shipping) The part number is: RPSK01H and you will need to call them to order it at 800-288-8094. (At the time of this posting that is. For this is so new that it is not in their on-line system yet!) 

CLICK HERE for the PDF File on LNB replacement instructions for your Trav’ler which also includes how to do it with the new HyBrid LNB. (Again, 2018 or newer for that LNB.) 


There three parts you will need are…

(Now Discontinued so find them on eBay)
Click Here For eBay Search

Dish Network Hybrid Solo Hub:

1.5 Foot Patch Cables 3 Pack:
You only need one, but it is cheeper, go figure!
It will go from the Hybrid Solo Hub to the Hopper.

…and of course a Hopper 3 if you don’t already have one…

Dish Hopper 3 (If you need one):

IMPORTANT NOTE: A DVR uses a hard drive to store things like a computer does. The hard drives in DVR’s, any DVR as of this writing, is a mechanical device with moving parts. As such, you want to be sure you unplug or power off the DVR when you travel. If you do not do so, you run the risk of damaging the hard drive to the point of system failure.