(David here) Ok, well, we just arrived at the Treasure Cost RV Resort in Ft. Pierce, FL. We ended up spending until 4:00 at the dealership today and we need to go back on Tuesday. Augh! Needless to say, plans are changing. But hey, we have until Sunday to get home, so life is good.

The main two issues were that the KVH sat dish is having power issues which makes it so it just keeps rebooting. So they need to order a part on Monday so it will be overnighted four Tuesday.

That reminds me to give a shout out to the moderators over at DBSTalk who are checking in. Hi! They want to know how I made out with the DishNetwork service. Not happening yet guys and no I did not post this address on AVS or DBS, keeping it to my friends and family.

One other part was also not installed, that being the Safe-T-Plus steering assist. Why, wrong bracket was sent. But I am kind of glad actually as the rig has a pull to the right and above 65 their is a vibration. So I hope to have this also looked at on Tuesday.

I worked hard today when they were working on the sat dish to get the webcam up and running. How I am trying to do this is a Verizon national boardband card put into a Cradlepoint wireless router. Doing this allows me to not only be on my MacBook but also have the wireless webcam also no it via the router. As long as I have a good cell reach, I should have full time Internet. I will improve this come Tuesday when I am back at the shop as I will also install a roof cell antenna for some really good reach to a cell tower.

Ok, so how was the drive? Well, 3 hours seemed like 5. It was really my first time driving it like this. I think it seems so long as I really was working hard making sure I was in my lines of the road. With it pulling to the right, it did make it kind of tired. It will get better with time as I get more comfortable and have it adjusted on Tuesday.

Oh, we will have pictures. It was part of my plan. But we have been quite busy and have not taken any. Sorry.

Ok, well, it is 10:53PM and time to get some rest.