Our Spot At The RV Ranch of Keene, TX

Our Spot At The RV Ranch of Keene, TX

Last winter, as you may, remember that we spent a couple months at the RV Ranch in Keene, Texas. This is a great stop if you are passing through the area. Big enough pull throughs for our 45-foot motor home and tow vehicle. You can, in a few spots, easily stay hooked up if you’re just passing through, however, I recommend staying a few days and checking out the area. This rv park makes for a great launching off pad for exploring the Fort Worth area, just a quick 20 minute drive away.

We became good friends with the rv park owners, Ronnie and Ginger and their mother Annette whom runs the front office. The RV Park of Keene is actually off Interstate 35 about 7 miles west and 20 miles south of Fort Worth. However if you are driving through some of the northern part of Texas Hill Country and you find yourself needing a place to stay, this park is easily within reach.

Stopping here not only gives us time with our friends but we can also visit the great food that is in the area. I know we are not the only ones that enjoy finding mom and pop restaurants that make the town what it is. We have a few favorites in this area.

Del Norte Taco is a great Mexican restaurant located in Godley, TX. Just a quick 20-minute drive and I’m in heaven. Their secret? The chef. Yes, I know this is a small town Mexican restaurant and you wouldn’t expect much, but you would be wrong. He uses only the finest seasonal local vegetables and slow cooked mesquite meats the way his grandmother showed him. Oh my. I have not found anything else in our many years of travels that can come close to Del Norte Tacos.

Del Norte Taco In Godley, TX

Del Norte Taco In Godley, TX

We just happened to be driving right past there on our way to the RV Ranch of Keene, we of course had to stop for lunch. I wrote more about it here the last time we were in town. There truly is nothing that we have tried that was not excellent.

Another favorite of ours and just 5 minutes away from the RV Ranch is Sweet Peppa’s. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and it’s all good here. Oh, you HAVE TO checkout their Facebook page.  It is SO funny with sayings almost every day on a chalkboard. Sweet Peppa’s Facebook.

Breakfast At Sweet Peppa's In Keene, TX

Breakfast At Sweet Peppa’s In Keene, TX

Being so close to the rv park it is easy to just roll out of bed and get a great breakfast. Everything is home made and they have pies that you can pre-order and take home with you if you so desire. I’m not confessing that we actually did that, but one could.

Make sure you treat yourself to lunch there as well. Just not on the same day as you will be stuffed from breakfast. The menu is not huge but let’s face it, some restaurants you could spend all day perusing the menu just from the sheer size of it. They have a good variety of healthy and not so healthy, eat it once in a while kinda meals. Like the above picture of David holding that half a burger.

Lunch At Sweet Peppa's In Keene, TX

Lunch At Sweet Peppa’s In Keene, TX

Yes, that’s only half. We ended up sharing this burger, as it was huge. Picture a fresh meat hamburger sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches for the buns. No, my arteries did not close up upon eating said meal. However, this is one of those afore mentioned meals that is good once in a while, not once a week.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing we don’t live here. We did have to stop one last time on our way out of town for breakfast. On Friday’s only, they make French Toast, one of David’s favorites. So we parked across the street and had one last meal at Sweet Peppa’s.

One Last Stop For Breakfast At Sweet Peppa's

One Last Stop For Breakfast At Sweet Peppa’s

So, other than eat our way through our two week stay in Keene, what else did we do? Well, our friends Ronnie and Ginger also own The North Texas Jellystone RV Park just a 10-minute drive up the road. It’s a great park if you are traveling with kids. It’s easily accessible from Interstate 35 and they have some large pull throughs that would easily fit our 45-foot motor home. They also have a good-sized water park attached to the rv park along with many other activities. Ronnie and Ginger were anxious for us to see the large water park expansion that they were constructing.

French Toast At Sweet Peppa's

French Toast At Sweet Peppa’s

When they said it was a large expansion, boy, were they not kidding.

What better way to draw some excitement for the new water park expansion than to make a video! So David promptly got out his quadcopter and made a great video of it. We certainly have done our fair share of rv park videos along with various parks and activities. However a construction video is definitely a new one for us.

All The Guys Checking Out The Quadcopter

All The Guys Checking Out The Quadcopter

All the guys came out and watched the quadcopter fly around. They all got a kick out of passing around the goggles and watching the flight from the air. It was great for them to get to see the construction from a different point of view.

Then David and Ronnie each donned a pair of goggles and off they flew. It was a blast shooting this project.

David And Ronnie Watching The Video Of The Quadcopter Through The Goggles

David And Ronnie Watching The Video Of The Quadcopter Through The Goggles

New Water Park Construction

New Water Park Construction

New Water Park Construction

New Water Park Construction

It was a wonderful day to fly and we were lucky we flew when we did because the weather turned down right cold and rainy after that.

We can’t wait to see the water park when the construction is finished and everyone is able to enjoy it. A lazy river, multiple slides, various water dump areas and a stage for entertainment are only a few of the new features that are going in.

You can see they really poured their heart and soul into this project along with A LOT of concrete. We feel it will really pay off for them and we’re glad we were able to help out in the little way that we can.

We think the video turned out great and David found the perfect music to accompany it. Hope you like it as much as we do!

We really enjoyed our visit with our friends. We were sad that we could not spend more time with them. We really didn’t get to see them as much as we had hoped as there was a nasty flu bug traveling around their family. So we all stayed away.

Our last evening Annette had invited us out to dinner.

Dinner With Annette

Dinner With Annette

She took us out to Charleston’s Steakhouse in Fort Worth. It was a great evening with great company. Good food was had by all. Now we have another restaurant to add to our ever-growing list of places to go.

Thanks Annette for a great evening and we promise, next time we’re in town we’ll let you pay for dinner (crossing my fingers behind my back).

It was great seeing everyone again and hopefully it won’t be so long next time our paths cross. Oh, maybe the water park would be another good place for a Outside Our Bubble meet-up. :) We could have the park to ourselves after 6PM. :)  Ok, Ok, one thing at a time, Quartzsite meet-up first.

Charleston's Steakhouse In Fort Worth, TX

Charleston’s Steakhouse In Fort Worth, TX