Parked at Walmart in Mansfield, OH

Parked at Walmart in Mansfield, OH

So here we are.

At a Walmart parking lot for the night.

Just passing through.

On our way to the FMCA Rally in Indianapolis, IN.

And David could not wait to get his Quadcopter out and take a look around.

That’s us parked in the middle of the lot.

And David and I standing at the bottom of the picture.

Somehow when David said he wanted to buy this quadcopter so he could take some awesome pictures and video of our travels…

…This is not what I had in mind :)

And yes, on top of many pictures, he did take video of the parking lot too.

But I spared you all the download.

So you can only enjoy one lonely picture.

But if you are interested in seeing the full details of the Walmart parking extravaganza, I can surely arrange something.

Just let me know ;)