Think TWICE before you directly connect your devices to an RV Park’s Wi-Fi system!!!   Winegard ConnecT V2

Yup, you read that correctly. Did you know that connecting your printers or content streams to an RV Parks wi-fi could leave you open to being hacked or even having porn streamed to your TV.  Yup, think about that one, how wonderful would it be when your child is watching a child appropriate show and then out of nowhere, it switches to porn? Or, for those of you that just leave your outside TV running even if not around, if it is connected to the parks Wi-Fi you to could have something like that happen and how would that go over with your neighbors?

In the video below, let me show you how easy the above could be. I think you will be shocked to say the least.  After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.  And is such cases, most people don’t. And worse, nor do the RV Parks understand this either.

BTW…In the video am talking about devices such as content streamers and printers. Not only can these devices be accessed as shown, it also leaves them open to hacking and thus being used for other things. Like a friend of mine said so well….You know, all the rampant worms and hacks that are going on all over the internet which enslave IOT devices ( printers, tvs, routers, rokus, printers ) for coordinated attacks on other networks, or, the more common thing now is crypto currency mining on those devices for someone else’s profit.

I did not even get into all the computers, tablets and phones I could see as I was only showing devices to make it easy to understand. The firewall in your computer is for that computer, not other devices and that may not even be setup correctly. So you really want to be behind a hardware firewall to separate yourself all together from the park’s network.

This will help protect you. It is a post I did long ago but is still current: Build a Private System for Under $100

Short of building one…At least then consider the Winegard ConnecT V2 which is simple to install and setup for protection.