So yes, you may have a water filter in your motor coach or RV, but is it just a filter such as a sediment water filter and a carbon filter? (Or worse, one that is a combo of both in the same filter?)  More than likely that is all you have and never really give it much thought. The fact is, while any filter is a good thing, some of them just do simple things like stop particles of X size from passing though, like a 5 micron sediment filter, or a carbon filter that can remove bad taste and smells. But they DO NOT do anything to purify the water for safer drinking. To do that requires a special filter system like Reverse Osmosis or a Water Purification filter.  

Reverse Osmosis (AKA…”RO”) is great, however it is SLOW at producing the purified water and thus usually requires a storage tank to hold the water that has been processed.  Some people have gone to the extreme to make their entire fresh water tank store RO water and that is really cool!  But it does require a number of things to make it work other than just the special filters needed, like pumps and shut off sensors etc. However, doing this this does give your entire coach processed and safe water throughout all fixtures! And that is really good! In fact, here is a post on how our friends, and my tech buddy Michael, did theirs… Whole RV Reverse Osmosis Water

However we went with the more simple approach and use a water purifier filter that will remove all the “bad stuff” without also removing the minerals your body needs.  You see, RO removes the bad stuff as well as all the minerals. In using our approach, we filter, and now sanitize, all the water that enters the coach that is used.  However we only purify the water we drink or cook with. (Or give our pets.) 

The reason for this is that we do not need to use the water pump all the time and can count on the pressure from the water park for most of our needs. Again, all the water used in the coach has been cleaned and sanitized…just not purified at that point. The water we actually consume is sent through a special filter before we drink it, however that filter can only flow water at X amount of volume if it is to work right.  So, you can’t use it for a shower as the flow would not be enough, but it is more than enough to poor a glass of water of fill a pot or bowl.  Note…This The filter is replaced about every 18 months at the cost of about $100.  (we also plumbed the water that comes out of that filter housing to our fridge for cold water and ice making.)

And unlike RO water, you can’t run out as it just keeps filtering at that speed all the time where RO can only be produced at very low pressure and thus needs to build up enough to be used.  RO also wastes water as it uses water to clean the filters it needs to do its job. As such, this waist water is usually discarded as it is considered “dirty water”. (Brine is the actual word.)  By using a water purifying filter there is no water waste.    

So onto the UV Light! Adding a UV Light Sanitizer to your coach or RV for water safety is one of the more simple things, kind of, that you can do!  This kills more or less anything in the water at the DNA level as the water passes through a special chamber. (WARNING: DO NOT EVER look directly at a UV light tube in operation!  UV Light cannot be seen, the spectrum is beyond X-Ray! As such, looking at the light can and will hurt your eyes unless you are wearing special UV rated safety glasses.)

More or less, if used correctly, UV Light can be as effective at as much as 99.99% destruction of harmful bacteria, such as E Coli, Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria ,Protozoan, Cysts Algae & Microorganisms. Again, to make it work best, this gets Installed AFTER your water filter so the water is as “clear” visually as it can be for the UV to be most effective.

So our setup is like this… Water Source (Park tap) —> 5 Micron Sediment Filter —> 5 Micron Carbon Block Filter —> Water Softener —> UV Sanitizer —> Into main feed of coach or RV.  Then for water we consume, it goes though one last purifying filter.

 The result is that water we consume is the same as you would find in top rated purified bottled water you buy!

 Here are the links to the Amazon products used in the project to add in the UV Sanitizer:

 Qty 1 – UV Sanitizer System (6 GPM version for RV or Coach):

 Parts you may need if you do not have them for the install:

Qty 2 – Sharkbite 90 Degree Crimp Swivel Elbow 1/2″:
Qty 1 – SharkBite 1/2″ 90 Degree Elbow PEX Barb Fitting (10-Pack):
Qty 1 – SharkBite PEX 1/2 Inch, Blue, Flexible Tubing 25 Feet:
Qty 1 – SharkBite Barb Ball Valve 1/2 inch, Water Valve Shut Off:
Qty 1 – SharkBite PEX Tubing Cutter:
Qty 1 – SharkBite PEX Clamp Ring 1/2 Inch, Stainless Steel, Pack of 10:
Qty 1 – Ratchet Clamp Cinch Tool Crimper Tool for Stainless Steel Clamp PEX Clamps:

The water purifier we use…sadly, it is not on Amazon. They are actually the inventors of this filter type of “Structured Matrix”. BTW: It is the same filter system that is used by all major airlines and the US Military as they can never be too sure about where their water supply will be coming from. As such, it is all run though this filter system.  This is the same filter they use, but on a smaller scale of course.  General Ecology Nature Pure® RS2QC Faucet Drinking Water System

And of course, here is video I did talking about the project and how you may care to install it if you have the standard water filter setup that comes with most coaches. 

 KEEP SAFE ALL.  Please be so kind to share this as it is just another thing, that is not that hard to do, that can help protect you as you travel.

Hot Water Warning!
The water in the chamber of this equipment can be very hot (Approx 140F) during an extended 4 hours of no water flowing. It’s recommended to open the faucet until the hot water has been purged from the chamber. Keep human body away from the faucet during this time. Or install a 5 gallons water tank after the UV unit to reduce the temporary hot water.