Well we are now at the Bayshore KOA in Ohio. Again, we hit rain on the way here if you can believe that. Yes, MAJOR, MAJOR RAIN! Here, let me show you a photo that Brenda took and note the tree…

…this was NOT FUN to drive in. Reminder, we are 42’ long and also now have an SUV in tow. The wind moved us like you would not believe. But we made it and when we arrived it was sunny and clear.

Now you may be asking yourself how Tasha did? Well, we traveled today for 5 and half hours and she was great! She even found some time to sleep. (well she is 12 so like 77 in human years or so.) But she was one tired girl after we got done setting up. Here, let me show you just how tired she was…

Yup, totally passed out. ;) That’s our girl.

Well, because of the rain, the SUV and the motor coach was, well, dirty. So, Brenda and I washed both today. Took us about 2.5 hours or so. Well, you know how when you wash your car it rains. Well, when you wash a 42’ RV, it hails. Yes, you read that right, the adventure was not over for us. Not 2 hours after we were done, BIG BLACK CLOUDS rolled in and the down pour came and then the hail and high winds. We quickly checked the TV for twister warning. Nope, no alerts. All would be well. (except we now need to clean the RV again.)

Oh, I added a toad charge to the Saturn Outlook later after the rain stopped. What this does is allows us to tow the SUV without the need to pull the battery fuse. You see, you need to keep the SUV with the key in the ASSY position and thus the car battery would be in use. So you need to pull the fuse to stop the battery from draining. But the toad charger takes power from the RV wire harness and keeps the battery charged when we are towing. Thus no need to pull the fuse and loose the radio settings and what have you.

So, that is all good, until I made it smoke. :) Yes, the ground cable got so hot it started to smoke. It seems that the wiring was reversed on the unit or the RV harness. It was not something I did, but something was not right. I changed the positive and negative wires and all is well.

Ok, tomorrow we head out to the rally point. Be sure to check in for our 3 hour drive and see if we get more rain. LOL