Yes, this is not RV related, but it is “us” related. :) Some of you may remember back in May of this year we posted about us being Executive Producers for an Independent Film that was coming out soon. However we could not share with you fully the trailer nor any other details as we were still searching for the right distributor. Well….The outstanding group behind the movie has teamed up with Vertical Entertainment and are officially launching on January 25, 2019. (Ha! See what I did there? “Launching” – Ha!) For those of you that may remember, the date is close to the actual anniversary date of the actual disaster.

We can now share the official trailer and you can even, right now, pre-purchase the movie on iTunes so you can watch it as soon as it is available! (Also just added Vudu!) Release date is set for January 25, 2019.  We are letting you know now for two reasons.  One, we are really excited to have been able to help out such a great team led by Nathan VonMinden, or as he would tell you, his wife actually. :)  (Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? Ha!)   And Two, if you Pre-Order to watch it, it will greatly help our listing inside iTunes as the movie will show up higher in rank for upcoming movies based on interest and it will thus help us and the movie!

So you may notice a big change. It is no longer called “Angry Men”. The official title is now, “The Challenger Disaster”.

The new movie poster has come out awesome! 

The trailer is phenomenal! (of course in our un-biased opinion… LOL)  Please use the link below to view the trailer directly on YouTube so then you can also give it a Thumbs Up for us and comment if you so wish. (If we embed videos into this post, there’s no way to comment or like the video.)

We hope you feel the same about the movie as we do. We are super excited to bring this to all of you now and are even more excited for the actual team that brought it all together as the time has finally come for all the hard work to be shown to the world! 

For those of you interested in pre-ordering the movie WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT! We’re hoping to break into the TOP 10 rankings on iTunes!

So please, and yes, we are groveling, if we have helped you in any way over all these years, please be so kind to spend the $12.99 to watch this independent movie that so many people worked very hard on. We can’t be more excited for the world to see it and learn what actually took place behind this terrible catastrophe which could have been averted! 


YouTube Trailer Video —> The Challenger Disaster 

iTunes Pre-Order —> The Challenger Disaster iTunes Page

Vudu Pre-Order —> The Challenger Disaster Vudu Page