Brenda & Route 66 Marker in the Road

Well, we found it!  Route 66, The Mother Road.  As you may or may not know, our original plan for traveling this winter was to travel route 66.  Upon more research and some friends recommendations, we decided it would not be such a good idea in the winter.  Boy, are we glad we listened to our friends.  Right now, most of the old route 66 highway is under snow and ice.  That, as you can assume, would not be fun driving a 42 foot motor coach down.

Yesterday we visited Oatman, Arizona.  Oatman is an old ghost town that used to be a booming gold mining town, back in the day.  Well, come to find out, Oatman is on the old route 66!  Yeah for us.  We were excited to come across a road marking the old route 66.  While in Oatman, you can not help but notice all the old route 66 signs around town.

We had a great time in Oatman.  It will definitely be on our list to visit again when, and not if, we get out this way.

Oatman, AZ and Route 66 Mural

David by Route 66 Road Marker

Old Route 66 Sign